Is the news media biased?  Would you like proof?  People do have it, but you will not see much said about it in the mainstream corporate news media.  You have to listen to other sources. 

This afternoon, on the way home, I decided to check in with Janet Parshall’s America.  Parshall is part of that right-wing radio conspiracy.  Worse, Parshall is part of that religious right-wing radio conspiracy.  Parshall talks about things the mainstream corporate news media would never think to discuss seriously, like who the employees of big media companies give campaign donations.  To see what Parshall was talking about, when I got home I did an Internet search.  

How does the news media deal with stories about the bias?  Well, their bias is opportunity to talk about something else.

What you will not get is many stories that explain the origins of the news media’s tilt to the Democratic Party.  The closest thing I have seen to such a thing is this article in Wikipedia.   However, the writer gets so wrapped up in theory and neutrality he never really gets to the point of anything useful.  We are way past the point of having to prove a media tilt.  What we need to ask is why we have bias in the news media. 

While I do not know a clear definitive reason for the news media’s bias, I can suggest several important factors. 

  • The Great Depression.  Following the Great Depression, the Democratic Party achieved a solid lock on power that lasted decades.  This period of ascendency allowed the Democrats to grow government.  The Democrats managed to infuse many private institutions with government money, particularly private universities, creating a dependency.
  • Government-run educational institutions.   By definition, government-run educational institutions are socialist institutions.  Because we teach what we are, such institutions have an inclination to promote socialism.  For example, the teacher’s unions are amongst the strongest backers of the Democratic Party.
  • Federal control of the airwaves.  The Federal Government controls the airwaves.  It licenses radio and TV broadcasters.  Fortunately, with the advent of cable and the Internet, the government’s lock on broadcasters has been seriously weakened.
  • The corporate personality.  Corporations tend to acquire a personality.  So perhaps it should be no surprise that the concentration of the news media into corporations has resulted in a distinct news media political bent.

What should we do?  Information is power.  We cannot be complacent when only a few people hold so much power over us.  To protect our liberty, we must have good information.  We need news information from multiple sources.  Our liberty depends on the availability of choices.  When you do not have any choice, you do not have any liberty. 

What should we do?  We should work to ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of a few.  We should:

  • Limit the power of our government.
  • Break up large corporations.

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No matter how much proof exists, you will get outright denials that a bias exists.  In fact, some in the news media would try to persuade you that there is a right-wing bias.

Nonetheless, there are some out there who see the tilt to the left.

But what we should worry about the most is why a news media bias makes such a big difference.



  1. You know, if all the White House, State, and local government meetings were aired live all the time and people just watched those, we would have a better sense of what is going on–MAYBE. I say maybe because it takes critical thinking skills to muck through meetings as well as media. Until the majority is able to exercise such skills, we will continue to have denial that the media is bias and the following of blind leads.

    If you want a full picture, read both sides, use a variety of research materials, and watch the live meetings. Then draw your own conclusions. Otherwise, as my dad always said, believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.


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