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When we speak of the Information Age, we generally think of computers and the Internet.  We reflect on the amazing amount of data that can be moved and stored by modern high speed communications systems.  What we do not give much thought is the improved quality of our communications.  It is not just the amount of information that we have available, it is its quality (of the information) that has made a profound difference.  Unlike any era that preceded this one, the very best of those amongst us have the ability to display their communications skills.  Even the dead can now speak to us — whether they be a writer, an actor, a musician, or an orator. 

In practical terms, we seem to value oratorical skills above all others.  Because we demand that our leaders be great orators, it must be what we consider the highest calling.  So it is that Barack Obama rose to national prominence when he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  Now, with just four years in the Senate, Obama is close to winning the White House.  What has this man to say that has made him such a powerful national figure? 

For the average citizen, the easiest way to find out what Obama has to say is to go to his website.  In part because Obama has been campaigning for months, his website shows the benefits of a lot of hard work.  There is more to it than that, however.  Obama knows how to use the Internet, and he is using it as an effective fundraising tool. As this article notes (here), the Obama campaign has raised tens of millions over the Internet in small donations.

Nonetheless, the Internet cut both ways.  Supposedly, for example, columnist Maureen Dowd wrote an article suggesting that much of Obama’s Internet money is coming from Chinese and Middle East sources.  That, however, appears to have been a hoax (see here and here). Instead of being an unscrupulous operation, Obama’s website is instead just highly effective. 

Whether you are for or against Obama, his fundraising success bodes well for the future of our democracy.  Used properly, the Internet gives the average citizen a greater say in who can run successfully for public office.   The Internet gives each us a device we can use to break the lock the major parties have on the system.  At the same, the silly story about a fictitious column demonstrates the power of the Internet to spread a false rumor.

So what about Obama’s website (see here)?  Right away Barack Obama greets us with a nice speech asking us to join a great cause.  Entering the website — skipping pass the offer to join — we find www.barackobama.com is not just about Obama; it is about CHANGE. 

What is CHANGE?  Anybody that says Obama does not have a plan and just makes flowery speeches has not visited his website.  The Issues page is long and detailed.  For example, his website includes a six page document describing his policies on Civil Rights (here).  Is the document somewhat vague?  What political policy document from a candidate is not at least somewhat vague?  Nonetheless, Obama states his intent and his focus.   If he states he wants a Hate Crimes statute, for example, don’t we know what that means?  You don’t?  Well, read this.

Expand Hate Crimes Statutes: Barack Obama cosponsored legislation that would expand federal jurisdiction to reach violent hate crimes perpetrated because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation,gender identity, or physical disability. As a state senator, Obama passed tough legislation that made conspiracy to commit hate crimes against the law. As president, he will ensure that the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division makes hate crime a priority.  (from here)

What are hate crimes?  Obama’s support for hate crimes statutes are one of those things that should lead us to doubt that Obama is the great unifier he might otherwise seem to be.

Let’s back up a minute.  What is Obama’s appeal?  The man is attractive; he is relatively young, tall, and slim.  Obama is disciplined.  He speaks carefully and thoughtfully.  Rather than give offense, Obama tries to be nice to everybody except unnamed special interests.  Obama stays focused on his cause, CHANGE. 

What could be wrong with making government work for the benefit of all the little people?   Go through each of the issues on Obama’s website or just read
THE BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE.  Then ask yourself the following question.  If you vote for an Obama presidency, will you be voting for Obama because you believe he seeks to empower individuals or save victims?   The first approach gives people the opportunity to help themselves.  The second makes the victims dependent upon the tender mercies of their empowered government.   

When government empowers people, it restrains monopolies (often itself) and allows the People to take control of the fruits of their own labor.  When the government saves victims, it become the monopoly.  

To justify becoming a government monopoly, government leaders must pit us against each other.  That, for example, is what Hate Crime Statutes are about.  Any crime is a hate crime — or worse, simple indifference for our fellows.  Hate crimes, however, elevate certain “victim” groups.  It gives certain groups a status that make crimes against these groups especially unlawful.  To commit a crime against a member of one of these groups becomes a political crime.  Instead of making justice blind to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation,gender identity, or physical disability; we accomplish the exact opposite. 

Nonetheless, under the rule of Barack Obama, life would become simpler.  You would know he cares deeply.  He would find someone to blame.  Because you deserve it, he would find some way to give you what rightfully belongs to you.

What should Conservatives do about Barack Obama’s website?   First, we need to visit it.  Then we need to talk about Obama’s proposals and remind our fellow Americans about the difference between a republic and a democracy. 

Because democracies do not limit the power of the majority, democracies do not work.  When Obama tries to make Americans feel like they have been victimized so that he can tax the “rich” for their benefit, we need to remind our fellow Americans that this arrangement makes government — and therefore Barack Obama — the middleman.  Some how, some way, the middleman will take his cut.  

This is the third post in a series on the 2008 election candidates (from the perspective of Gainesville, Virginia).  Here are the earlier posts.

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  1. Bmiller – Some people have strange ideas about the flag. Some self professed Christians have unusual ideas about giving an oath with their hand on the Bible. And some people have an odd attitude towards the pledge. How does Obama stand on these things? I can guess, but I have yet to check. What concerns me is Obama’s philosophy on governing. That is reason enough to vote for the other guy.

  2. is it true that Obama will not put his hand on the bible to be sworn in office and I also heard he doesn’t believe in the pledge of allegiance. Is this ture


  3. What I find more than ironic is that the best suited candidates running for president were weeded out early on…which means of course neither Obama or McCain are my choice for president and my vote for that office will be a write in.

    The media, conservative and liberal alike, gutted Ron Paul, my first and only choice on the right, and Edwards and Biden as choices one and two in no certain order on the left.

    Would anyone like to bet against that no matter which of the two current runners gets elected, very little is going to change positively or give any real relief “of any type” to the citizenry of this nation.

    I pretty well think that anyone that isn’t intellectually retarded recognizes that our elected officials aren’t the people making law and overseeing the running of our government activities on any basis.

    As well I pretty well think that anyone that isn’t intellectually retarded recognizes that our elected officials have been and continue to be bribed off by entities outside of our government that are actually running the entire show. If this was not an actual fact then this nation would not be in the across the board dire straits its presently in.

    And in case if people still keeping the faith haven’t begun to notice this entire raw deal is turning on the perpetrators and is now starting to bite them in their greedy butts and things will have to start turning around that is UNLESS the intentions of our malversationist elect and their equally corrupt outside government steersmen is to take this nation into an unrecoverable depression that will make the Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a one day beach picnic.

    The one critical thing, a very old adage all these corrupt big shots inside and outside or government have forgotten is that “the masters are just as closely bound to the slaves as the slaves are closely bound to their masters, one not having the ability to exist without the other.”

    Aside mom and pop organizations, it may be the moneyed people and the brains that start a business but it is the people that work for them that make the business grow a fact known by people like Gates, Walden, Ford, Rockefeller, Bell, Vought, and hundreds of others that actually grew industry empires by treating their employees as people rather than as expendable commodities to be used up and replaced.

    Greed generated from the top is why our nation’s businesses are no longer able to compete in a idiotically adhered to global economy world.

    Jingoism may not be the best continued method to preserve a nation, but from time to time, in order to survive national sovereignty aka jingoism and jingoists must be a nation’s leadership’s paramount thought even, and especially when it hurts them personally.

    Anyone in doubt that this is not self evident truth should ask themselves just exactly what and where “free trade and globalism” has gotten this nation thus far outside of digging us all into a deeper and deeper hole.

  4. Tom, while I like Obama’s spirit and war policy, there are some things I don’t like about his campaign. The first is, if he is so successful at raising campaign funds, why is the Dem. party calling ME for money? I told them I’m between jobs and have no income. Do you know what they said to me? “Well you can still do something with a small gift…” Obama has more money than I do. Perhaps he could give ME a small gift. This asking for money business is out of control. Anyone that would ask someone between contracts for money is not concerned about the common people.

    The second time they called, I just said, “Sorry” and hung up before they could even talk. I hate being rude like that, but apparently they warrant rude.

    Okay, now you said, “Any crime is a hate crime.” I’m assuming you mean violent crimes because not all theft, larceny, etc. are hate crimes, obviously. As far as victimhood, I’m not sure about that. Who would argue, for example, that the disabled and elderly who cannot protect themselves should NOT receive protection from the legal branch of government? What about those who actually have fewer rights than others or are culturally shunned or abused? What about people whose religion is unpopular and sets them up as targets? I think the intent is to protect those who historically have been picked on and were/are unable to defend themselves. Expanding the scope of hate crimes sends a clear message: STOP BULLYING.

    On the other hand, there are those, unfortunately, who abuse the system (we have those folks in every system). This gives the system itself a bad name and makes a mockery of the very protection given to the more defenseless among us. And it does promote the culture of victimhood and enabling we do NOT want.

    People who work with people usually have good intentions. The intent is NOT to enable but to help others move on. Still, we cannot FORCE people to move on, so some do end up wanting to live off a system designed to legitimately protect.

    I know I’m about tired of getting picked on because of my gender and disabilities. I’m not crying “disabled” here because I’m not totally disabled by any means, and there are literally billions who are so far worse off than I am. But it seems that certain groups of people end up more than the butt (excuse my pun on myself) of people’s bad jokes. They end up being taken advantage of and worse. Unless private groups step up to the plate and make it stop (via intervention, courts, or whatever it takes), then it WON’T stop because we always have the spiteful among us.

    So I understand expanding the scope at the national level. It’s up to all of us to make sure we do not need to USE that expansion. We cannot let hate run our lives or our communities.

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