donkey2.pngWhat defines a Democrat?  A Democrat believes that someone else’s money provides the solution to every problem.  Since there is no end to problems, a Democrat is also someone who never believes that government has a enough money.  So long as one person has any money in their own pockets, somebody is being selfish.

Since they never believe government has enough money, Democrats see the world in a constant state of crisis.  So to resolve the crisis of the day, today begins a Special Session of the General Assembly.

The key to ending highway congestion: clearing the political bottleneck on Capitol Square.

“That’s where the real traffic jam is,” said Ray Pethtel, a former state transportation commissioner now with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

With the General Assembly returning tomorrow for another go at fixing transportation, the forces that have kept lawmakers and the governor at loggerheads for three years — among them, sharp partisanship and regional rivalries — remain firmly in place.  (from here)

What is the source of this political bottleneck?  According to one point of view, the problem is that those mean Republicans do not want to raise taxes.  That constitutes a crisis.  Sharon Pandak, a local Democratic Party leader, explains that point of view in her letter to the editor.  Here is an exerpt.

Ask those legislators, who think monies exist, to identify specifically where $700 million needed for the region annually, or even the minimum amount of $300 million, is located in the budget and what other items will not be funded. Pointing vaguely, generally alleging waste or mythical budget surpluses or saying an audit is necessary does not build a road, buy a bus or move a train. A “no new taxes” mantra actually raises our ultimate taxes because deferred maintenance and construction always cost more, much more. If the system is not fixed, someday we will rival a third-world country.  (from here)

Of course, as Pandak well knows, no politician is going step out on his own and volunteer a list of spending cuts. That is political suicide.  Unfortunately, because the electorate rewards honest politicians this way, that is why the budget has grown out of control.  It is also why we have a deadlock over transportation spending in Richmond; everyone wants someone else to pay for their goodies.

The solution should be obvious.  Everyone pays their own freight.  Why is that a novel idea?  It is the way we use to fund transportation.  Have you ever heard of toll roads?  Don’t people still pay to travel on a bus, train, or airplane?  Nonetheless, that is not the way Democrats think.  Democrats want somebody else to pay, and that is why we have to have this “special session.” 

To stiffen their nerve, elected Republicans should remind themselves of the reaction the last time they gave in to the Democrats. 

This is a post about betrayal. There is no misunderstanding; the matter is not trivial. Much of the Republican Party’s leadership has directly betrayed Republican Party principles, and the party rank and file is furious.  (from here)

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4 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. Hmmm…..if every branch kicked in a little money, wouldn’t that solve the issue? From what you are saying, Tom, that’s easier said than done.

    Also, toll roads aren’t a bad idea so long as they could be implemented without creating more gridlock EZ Pass helps quite a bit, from what I hear.

    What I hate most is when government cuts useful programs so they can waste money on ineffective ones that cost the people more money in BS meetings than anything else. I have little patience with this kind of waste.

    And of course, I’m tired of “the little guy” getting screwed over because there is no regulation or oversight. I think we talked about this already when we discussed lawyers.


  2. kgotthardt – Under the current system, we are “giving” our money to politicians in return for vague promises. This behavior illustrates an old saying: “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    Our transportation system makes relatively little use of current technology. The reason for that is that it is designed to satisfy the needs of the people paying for it, the politicians, not the people who use it. Politicians use our money to buy support, not to transport people. If the users want to have a transportation system that satisfies their needs, then they have to accept responsibility for paying the bill directly.


  3. “Under the current system, we are “giving” our money to politicians in return for vague promises.” AMEN! It’s like paying for services before we get them!


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