Senator Ken Cuccinelli Speaks Out About Planned Parenthood

campaign.png In the May 1st edition of the Cuccinelli Compass, Senator Ken Cuccinelli had more to say about Planned Parenthood.  Here is that portion of the Cuccinelli Compass.



More on Planned Parenthood

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First, the head of Planned Parenthood of SE Virginia called me about a week ago.  We had exchanged letters to the editor on the value of abstinence education in one of the newspapers down there, and I had challenged him to debate the subject.  Well, to his credit, he at least called me.  However, he called to tell me that he wouldn’t debate me.  He didn’t think there was anything to debate, as the facts were what they were.  I agreed with that point but said that we didn’t seem to agree on what he called “facts” and that it was traditional in America to air out such discussions publicly and let the general public decide for themselves.

At that, he said that he didn’t think that he was a match for me in debating… oh, so now we get to why you won’t debate…

Second, Planned Parenthood mailed into my district to hammer me for my nearly-successful attempt to defund them of state tax dollars.  Among the many things they said in their mailer was that they encouraged people to call our office.  Well, some people did call our office.  Six, to be exact.  Four of them were upset that I had tried to defund Planned Parenthood and two called to say “way to go!  Keep up the good work!”  Hilarious.

Third, below is an article that was published Apr 25, 2008.
Planned Parenthood decried as ‘racist’

By Julia Duin – A coalition of black leaders and pastors called on the federal government yesterday to “defund” Planned Parenthood from receiving $336.7 million annually in government funds and accused the family planning giant of targeting unborn black children.
Standing on the lawn in front of the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington building at 1108 16th St. NW, black leaders cited a series of YouTube videos recorded by a group of students from the University of California at Los Angeles.



[Here’s a link to one of the YouTube videos:  – I would encourage all of you to take the four minutes and fifty-one seconds and listen to this]

The students posed as donors who wanted their money to help abort a black child. Recordings of their conversations with clinic workers in New Mexico, Ohio, Idaho and Oklahoma posted on YouTube showed the workers agreeing to the donations.
“Let’s demand the firings of those employees,” said the Rev. Clenard Childress, founder of BlackGenocide. org.
“Black America must wake up and stand up to this racist organization that purposely plans abortion facilities firmly in black and minority neighborhoods and urban communities, sometimes right next door to schools,” said Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union. She gestured toward a charter school a few doors away.

In one YouTube exchange, James O’Keefe, a first-year law student at UCLA and an adviser for the Advocate, a pro-life student newspaper, called the Columbus, Ohio, Planned Parenthood affiliate on July 10 to say he wanted to donate the money “because there’s definitely way too many black people in Ohio.”

The unidentified Planned Parenthood worker responded, “Well, for whatever reason, we’ll accept the money.”

In a statement last month, Planned Parenthood said, “Two local employees violated the organization’s principles and practices when they responded to deceptive calls from a political opponent who posed as a racist donor and secretly taped the conversations.”

“It is clear these employees made serious mistakes, and we apologize again for the way this was handled.” The organization said it was “training employees in communication skills for handling racist or other offensive callers.”

Some of the about 30 black leaders present said Planned Parenthood should fire the employees. Rep. Trent Franks, Arizona Republican, appeared at the demonstration to say he will introduce legislation making it illegal to abort on the basis of sex or race.

“If the Democrats can’t vote for that, then they can’t vote for anything,” he said.

A related bill, the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act to defund Planned Parenthood, sponsored by Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican, is in committee.

In a statement released yesterday, Planned Parenthood Federation of America said 97 percent of its health care services “are related to prevention” and said its work should not be politicized.




[Note to readers, Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups spent approximately $100,000 supporting my opponent in the 2007 election cycle.  That’s their idea of “not being political”]

“Planned Parenthood partners with both local and federal governments to fill the gap through which millions of Americans would fall without our support. It’s time to stop playing politics and start working together toward commonsense solutions to keep all Americans healthy and safe,” it said.
Planned Parenthood’s annual report says it received more than one-third of its $926.4 million 2006-07 budget from federal grants and contracts, including Title X family planning funds. In 2006, it performed 289,750 abortions in the U.S., although it says it does not use federal funds for the procedure — a distinction pro-life groups dismiss because money is fungible.
Although blacks represent 13 percent of the U.S. population, 37 percent of all abortions are performed on black women, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a New York-based nonprofit focused on sexual health. The Web site estimates that 10 million to 13 million black pregnancies — about one-third of black America’s current 36 million population — have been aborted since the procedure was declared a constitutional right in 1973.

Participants in the demonstration said the YouTube video proved what they have suspected for years about Planned Parenthood, whose founder, Margaret Sanger, said in a Dec. 19, 1939, letter that, “We don’t want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” The text of the letter was read aloud by Miss Gardner.

“Most of these clinics are in the black community,” said the Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen, founder of the Los Angeles-based Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny…



Well, this should give us all one more thing to pray for…

Whether you are for or against abortion, this “preventative procedure” as currently practiced should disgust you.   With a little self-deceit, one might be able to convince themselves that an abortion in the first trimester is ethical.  However, the law allows far more leeway than that.  The law allows an abortion right up to the point of a normal delivery.  At that point, we have an infant, a baby just waiting for its release from the womb.  Because it is especially grisly, Congress banned only one particular type of late term abortion, partial birth abortion

Here is a link to articles on the subject of abortion maintained by our National Institute of Health.  I suppose these articles are technically correct, but on issues where politics or morality are concerned, you will most likely find them ambiguous.  Here is an article on abortion from the Catholic Encyclopedia the provides a religious and historical perspective.  This website lists the political arguments against abortion.   

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