world.pngI just got a comment (here) that set me to thinking about a political philosophy known as Anarchism.  Wikipedia describes it here in some detail.  

While I admit Anarchism poses a certain appeal, I don’t think the human race is quite ready for it.  That in part explains my response (here) to the comment.  So long as human beings have imperfect and twisted souls, we will seek immoral advantages over each other.  So long as one among us is willing to impose upon the rights of another, Anarchism will not work.  We will need some means, a government, to enforce moral laws.


campaign.pngSome things are so sad and so typical.  Jim Gilmore will not debate Bob Marshall, but at the very end of the campaign he deigns to notice him with a negative compaign mailer.  The day before the convention, Gilmore drops this negative mailer into my mailbox.  How clever and how very disappointing.

Nonetheless, Gilmore’s pathetic little mailer points to the possibility the vote in Richmond may be closer than some people have been letting on.  Vote for Bob Marshall!

Other Views

Spank That Donkey (STD) finds the response appropriate (here).  Supposedly, Marshall has been lying about Gilmore.  So STD makes a long string of unsupported assertions (kind of like Gilmore’s mailer).

Conservativa addresses the issue of borrowing money (here).  Supposedly, because Marshall said the Federal Government should not borrow money for transportation projects, he is a hypocrite.  As a delegate, Marshall voted for bonds for state transportation projects.  Has anybody noticed that Federal Government is running a huge deficit?  Is Virginia’s budget in the red?


Here is a hat tip to Shaun Kenney.

Former Governor Jim Gilmore and State Delegate Bob Marshall battle it out at the state GOP convention in Richmond – the winner gets to take on Dem Mark Warner to replace U.S. Senator John Warner. Gilmore is in the role of Goliath, but Underdog Bob is pretty accomplished with the political sling and the policy rock. He’s principled, pro-life, and populist (while Tom Davis and his brand of Republicans have been sucking wind in northern Va., the election day numbers for Bob, who represents Manassas, have been growing annually). He’s also a very deft legislator / politician. F’reggzample: from Day One he fought the crazy, voter-detested “Abusive Driver” tax legislation, and after it passed (over his diligent efforts), Bob led the legal fight to kill it (the VA Supreme Court declared the scheme unconstitutional this February).(from here)

The bottomline is that Jack Fowler of the National Review Online hopes “David” wins.