Tom Kopko sent out his farewell as Chair of the PWC Republican Committee today. He wrote a nice note. Hopefully, you will find it worth reading.

Dear Prince William Republicans,

It is bittersweet to hand the reigns of the PWC Republican Committee over to my successor. I wholeheartedly congratulate Lyle Beefelt on his election as your new Chairman. As a PWC native and former School Board member he knows the ropes and will serve you all very well. I have pledged to assist Lyle in every way possible to make him and the Party successful.

I am only bittersweet because we accomplished so much over the past two years, and it will feel a little strange not to be in charge and responsible. Thank you for your support and the many kind words of thanks and encouragement. Over the past two years we won awards from the 11th Congressional District and the Republican Party of Virginia for outstanding work. That’s wholly justifiable as Pr. Wm. is the recognized bastion of conservative Republican success against a difficult electoral environment in Virginia. I tell people that we helped put the right people in the right places and stood strong for what was necessary to achieve our victories. I’m confident that Republicans in PWC will continue this legacy. The Party is, in fact, squarely counting on us to continue in order win state-wide contests in 2008 and 2009.


When folks ask me what I’m going to do with all my free time now, I most often reply, “Well, I’m going to start speaking my mind.” Yes, that’s a joke if you’ve read the Potomac News in the past two years… So, yes, I will still be very much involved with the Party through every election cycle.

First, with my newfound freedom, I have established The Resolves Group with my compatriots Trent Barton and Jim Fotis. We are already operating with a mix of consulting for businesses, government, politicians, and candidates, as well as a PAC to advance the kind of conservative Republican candidates and policies that have proven so successful here.

Second, I will be able to spend more time evangelizing Jesus Christ. I am already volunteering much more time at church, but my Party duties prevented me from answering a strong calling last summer to an important mission trip to Africa. I want you to know about it so that you have the opportunity to assist.

There are many thousands of orphans across Zambia, Africa that need care. Why so many? Because many parents die before being able to fully raise them – the adult life expectancy is very low due to a life of poor nutrition, unavailable doctor and hospital care, diseases including AIDS, and even wild animal attacks.

So, for the past four years my church, First Baptist Church of Woodbridge, has sent volunteers to help build the “Mission of Love Orphanage” for the Tonga Tribe in the Mukamba village, 4 hours by jeep into the bush. This year I will join a group of 16 Baptists and Catholics as we travel to Zambia to assist in the construction of the orphanage and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Mission team has a website at, which the GOP’s own Ken Whitlock has volunteered to be part of back here in Woodbridge!

We will be on the trip for two weeks, spending about nine days with the tribe. The work is hard and the days are long. We haul sand from creek beds located miles away, hand pump and truck water about 45 minutes one way and make, bake, and lay the bricks on site. Last year’s team hand poured over 56 tons of concrete and started laying bricks after digging the foundations. We hope to finish the brickwork and also put on a thatch roof this year.

I am required to raise just over $3600 to pay for airfare, land transportation, food, equipment, and of course a full set of vaccinations. Past missions show that people contribute to feel a direct part of a real mission, to make a difference for children, or simply to support a friend or colleague.

The few people I’ve told so far about the Zambia mission have already helped with $100 each, and I am hoping that 30 more will contribute $100 each to meet this goal and help build these orphanages. Would you like to help with $100 too? Contributions are tax deductible and checks should be written to “First Baptist Church of Woodbridge” and sent to the church at 13600 Minnieville Road, Woodbridge, VA 22193. On the memo line please write “Zambia Mission – Tom Kopko” so that it is credited towards my expenses. I am grateful for any assistance you are able to provide!

See you on the trail!

Tom Kopko
(703) 973-9423