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The convention took place today at Woodbridge High School. Somewhere over 200 people showed up, and we were treated to lots of speeches by Republican leaders.

This convention serves largely as a precursor to the congressional district and the state conventions (See GOP Conventions here.). Nonetheless, the delegates conducted important business.


Jim Gilmore spoke first. He focused on the competition he looks forward to facing, Mark Warner. In particular, Warner’s flip-flops. Gilmore emphasized Warner’s tax flip-flops. Gilmore reminded his audience that Warner promised he would not raise taxes. However, after he was elected, Warner did raise taxes. The Gilmore pointed out that Warner has said will not support continuing Bush’s tax cuts. Given Warner’s record on taxes, Gilmore said we should be able to take Warner’s word on a tax increase. That got a laugh.

The convention delegates received Bob Marshall with great enthusiasm, including a standing ovation. Marshall reminded the delegates of his successes on the marriage amendment and in court fighting the grant of taxation authority to the Northern Virginia Transportation (AKA Taxation) Authority. Marshall also spoke on the competition he hopes to have with Mark Warner. He emphasized the he and Warner have tangled on legislative issues, and that he has beaten Warner by overriding his veto when Warner was governor.

Bob Berry also spoke. Berry emphasized that he is adamantly conservative; he will remain true to conservative values in the coming contests.


Keith Fimian, running for the 11th district, is unopposed. Nonetheless, he still sought the delegate’s support. I think he will get some. Of the three I have seen, this was Fimian best campaign speech thus far. In this speech, he emphasized his background as a small businessman. He pointed to his own success story and the growth of a small local business to a national enterprise. He said this was only possible in America, and he spoke of the need for less government interference so that America could continue to be a place where such success stories are possible.

RPV Chairman

Jeff Frederick is the challenger. So naturally he emphasized Republican losses in the last election. When he warned of a Nancy Pelosi Virginia, it was hard to tell whether more people laughed or cringed at the thought. The line was effective.

When his turn came, John Hager noted that Republicans have also had some wins. He emphasized the need for continuity in leadership, that now, right before the upcoming presidential election, was no time for on-the-job training.

State Central Committee and Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Quite a people are for the State Central Committee and as Delegates to the Republican National Convention. So a fair number of people spoke. One of the more surprising was Jim Young (of the SkepticalObservor). Jim spoke as a surrogate for Tom Davis‘s election as a delegate to the national convention.

Given how conservative Young seems to be, I thought this choice somewhat surprising. Nonetheless, the Republican Party is a big tent. Young enumerated the contributions that Davis had made to support the election of Republican both locally and nationally. These efforts had earned Young’s respect.

Credentials Committee Report

This resulted in some controversy which I will address in my next post.

Chair of the Prince William Republican Committee

Lyle Beefelt ran unopposed and he won. Most seem relatively pleased by the situation. Beefelt is liked by most everyone, and he served ably on the School Board. Although Beefelt tends to occupy the middle ground between the party’s different factions, he still manages to be on speaking terms with everyone. That actually is no mean trick.


The resolutions committee whittled about 21 submissions down to three. These three do as follows:

  • Oppose regional taxes to build transportation infrastructure in Northern Virginia.
  • Oppose local tax increases based upon population growth plus inflation. This resolution addresses the concern that the Board of County Supervisors may make a mathematical error. The county collects taxes from property and sales taxes. To ensure that the budget accounts for both inflation and population growth, the average tax rate for property and sales taxes only needs to be adjusted for inflation. The increase in the number of taxpayers will ensure the county receives sufficient funds to account for population growth. (Author’s note: The resolution’s advocates seemed to think that income taxes have to be adjusted for population growth. One suggested that state income taxes have to be adjusted for population growth. The is not the case. If the average income tax rate is adjusted for inflation, the increase in the number of taxpayers accounts for population growth. (So if necessary, a similar resolution could also be written for the state government (after thought added).)
  • Advocates second amendment rights.


  1. Surprised? Really?

    I have long considered Tom Davis a friend. As you may know, Tom, the PWC YRs were instrumental to his efforts to defeat Leslie Byrne in 1994.

    Truth be told, I was actually asked at the last minute to speak for Tom, and I was both flattered to be asked and pleased to do so.


  2. Jim, Davis ought to be pleased you did a good job.

    I have to give you credit for do a better job than I did of seeing Davis’ better side. I voted for him, but I did so grudgingly.

    My wife thinks Davis is a decent sort. I suppose I should listen to her.


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