Call to Meeting, November 26, 2007, at 7:00 PM, PWC Republican Committee, Ferlazzo County Government Building, Woodbridge

elephantgop.pngWe have elections in 2008, and time is wasting. This is the first PWC GOP meeting after the 2007 election day. Here is a copy of the “call”.


By the authority of the Plans of Organization of the Republican Party of Virginia and the Prince William County Republican Committee, I hereby call a meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee, to conduct its regular business on Monday November 26, 2007 at 7:00 PM to be held at the Ferlazzo County Government Building, 15941 Donald Curtis Drive, Woodbridge.  Seating by Magisterial District. All meetings are open to the public and all are invited!

This Month’s Program
Priorities for 2008 Legislative Session with the Pr. Wm. Delegation

Please click here to provide your input on likely 2008 issues!

: Can’t make the meeting? Please send someone with your proxy form!
Lapsed? Please re-apply (no already paid) with the membership form and have your voting privilege re-instated for the following meeting.
Ready to Join? fill out the membership form now or at the meeting. You will be inducted at the end of this meeting.
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6:15 – 6:45 pm: New and Prospective Member Orientation
Orientation briefing and Q&A. Learn what the Pr Wm Republican Committee is all about and how to be the most effective!

7:00 pm Meeting Agenda 

  1. Preliminaries
    1. Invocation; Pledge of Allegiance
    2. Campaign announcements
    3. Club Announcements
  2. Approval of previous meeting’s minutes
  3. Reports of Officers
  4. Reports of Committees Legislative, Operations, Community Relations, Membership
  5. Recess – Magisterial District Officer Elections
    Occoquan Chair & Vice-Chair, Neabsco Chair & Vice-Chair
  6. Program
  7. New Business
  8. Admission of New Members
  9. Adjourn

Chairman, Pr. Wm. County Republican Committee (


soldier.pngThanksgivings Day is the day we set aside to remember God and give thanks to Him.  Although this is His day and made possible only because of Him, there are those who have sacrificed on our behalf we must not forget.  

Teri’s Tyrades tells a story (here) about how we can appropriately remember those souls, both those who have passed and those still with us.  As we enter the Holiday Season, we should remember this story and remember those still sacrificing on our behalf.

Dominion Virginia Power’s New Playground

power-line.pngLast week, Barbara Kessinger, organizer of the Mid-Atlantic Concerned Citizens Energy Coalition (MACCEC), wrote a guest column for Gainesville Times (here). Kessinger explained how Dominion Virginia Power’s two-track strategy to get permission to build the Meadow Brook to Loudoun 500 kV Line is apparently flailing at the state level (with the State Corporation Commission) but moving ahead at the Federal level via DOE.

Early last month, two days apart, the Department of Energy (DOE) finalized the Mid-Atlantic Area National Interest Electric Transmission (NIET) Corridor and the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) extended the time frame for considering Dominion Power’s proposed 500kV transmission line project.

Citizen action at the state level is helping to impede Dominion’s efforts to obtain SCC approval. However, if Dominion obtains DOE approval, the Meadow Brook to Loudoun 500 kV Line may built anyway.

Significantly, the DOE has kept its corridor designation process on a fast track, while the SCC, prudently and commendably, has slowed its process to allow more time for a thorough analysis.

Yet the basic question remains unanswered. Is this power line needed? Will any of the power lines that results from DOE action be needed? As Kessinger points out:

Many different combinations of non-transmission alternatives could obviate any need that might exist for the corridor, the power line project, or both.

But Dominion has not presented, and neither the SCC nor DOE has reviewed such an analysis. Dominion makes money selling electricity. Dominion does not make money when we save energy.

What can you do? Well, if the idea of 150 foot towers carrying 500kV electrical lines right by your home gives you the willies, you may want to take the time to study the issue and write a few people. For information, I suggest you start with the Mid-Atlantic Concerned Citizens Energy Coalition (MACCEC) website. Because this problem does not affect just Virginia, MACCEC promotes a regional approach to dealing with it. Federal involvement has created a regional threat that extends beyond Virginia and beyond just one power line. So in addition to practical information about the threat, MACCEC‘s website will likely have links to organizations in your area that you can work with.

Then take the time to notify your elected officials (state and local). Tell them what you think about this potential abuse of eminent domain. Finally, contact the SCC and let them know what you think. Go to the following link, SCC Case INFO, and see items PUE-2007-00031 and PUE-2007-00033. The SCC will continue to accept written comments on Dominion’s proposals (one power line with two submissions — weird) until December 14, 2007. You do not have to get fancy. Just thank the SCC for taking the time to properly review alternatives.