world.pngI suppose the dream that we might judge each other solely by the content of our character instead of by our race, sex or creed remains only that, a dream. The Potomac News reviewed the electoral races in Prince William (here) and offered an editorial opinion I would rather not have to see.

The 51st District race, we believe, was determined by race and religion, rather than the issues.

Republican Faisal Gill isn’t fundamentally different in opinion or principle from his Republican counterparts, yet he lost to Democrat Paul Nichols in a district currently represented by Republican Michele McQuigg.

The fact that Gill is of Pakistani descent and a Muslim, plus his history working with Muslim groups and the mischaracterization of his relationship to one of those groups, led to his being beaten by a Democrat. If anybody else with the same political views and beliefs as Gill had run in his place, the Republicans would have kept the seat.

I cannot know why people voted the way they voted, but I have been disgusted by the conduct of some of our local bloggers. We all saw their posts. These bloggers engaged in a smear campaign that included posts that can only rightly be described as discrimination based on race and creed.

One of these bloggers (see here, here, here, and here, for examples) I would like to see barred from participation on the Prince William Republican Committee. As a member, his unseemly conduct reflects badly on those who do participate honorably (see here and here).

Greg Letiecq knew and knows Faisal Gill is not a terrorist (see here). He just ignored facts as inconvenient. However, the Dept. of Homeland Security had to satisfy two senators that Faisal Gill is not a terrorist. That is what you call clearance, and this information was no secret.

The worst of Letiecq’s dirty work took place before this year’s primaries. Because Greg Letiecq is President of Help Save Manassas, I would like to say he has reformed somewhat in recent months. However, his irrational rage against Faisal Gill continues. Consider his last couple of posts. In this post, Letiecq predicts Faisal Gill’s electoral victory. In his next post, Letiecq suggests Paul Nichols should switch parties. Finally, we have a post about the Faisal Gill Effect. The point being to emphasize Gill’s relative unpopularity.

Why does Letiecq so despise Faisal Gill? I cannot read his mind, but the answer may have little to do with race or creed. What I do know is that Gill took the part of Steve Chapman, a young politician attacked by a previous incarnation of Letiecq’s blog (see here).

Whatever Letiecq’s motivation, the PWC GOP’s continued association with Letiecq is at best unwise. Admittedly, Letiecq has obvious talents, but he lacks the requisite scruples the wise require of anyone they would call an ally.

Other Views

Innumerable post have been done on this subject. Here is just a sampling.

The SkepticalObserver reviews the continuing Faisal Gill hatred here.

The Mason Conservative reviewed Faisal Gill’s chances of victory here.

Bearing Drift identified this problem some months back here.

Bacon’s Rebellion found Black Velvet Bruce Li’s beginnings disturbing (here).

This website exists principally because Two Conservatives did so many posts defending Faisal Gill from scurrilous attacks Charles needed a separate website.


6 thoughts on “IF TRUE, HOW SAD

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  2. Jim – Look again. I linked to an article that that discusses Chapman’s lawsuit. Nonetheless, you are right to mention I neglected something. I would apologize, but Letiecq has provided us too much material. Fortunately, Letiecq is more than willing to be “helpful”. In his latest post, he “kindly” provides us ample reminders. For example:

    In what has become typical fashion, the current PWCRC leadership rigged a convention to ensure that Gill won. It was the most bizarre convention many have ever seen, complete with a mass of Pakistani men arranged in a circle at the end jumping up and down and chanting in Urdu, after shouting an off-key “Happy Birthday” tribute to Faisal Gill. Gill did an excellent job of packing the convention with his Pakistani supporters, managing what happened at the convention, and getting PWCRC Chairman Tom Kopko to try to slap down RPV advice about throwing out over-voted precincts in favor of simply certifying the election committee report without a floor vote (which would probably have certified them anyways) that enshrined irregularities as official results. (from here)

    If the PWC GOP does not have the sense to throw out a member who accuses the party of vote rigging, they may as well be drinking Letiecq’s Kool-Aid.


  3. Well, Tom, I just wanted to make clear what you had seem to nly allude to. I think Greg’s motives are abundantly clear.

    It’s always amusing to me when those who are in the minority rail against majoritarian rule because the majority won’t accede to their relatively unpopular views.



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