We are on the home stretch. The men and women running for office are tensed and focused. At this point there are only two things they want from party members: time and money.


As the campaigns heat up, there are a slew of events coming up, and in general, that is what the candidates talked about. One place to find out what is going on is at PWCGOP.ORG. If you have an interest in a particular candidate, you should check their web sites (also available at PWCGOP.ORG and here on the Candidates page).

One speech was particularly worth noting. When Chairman Corey Stewart spoke, he noted that we are too overconfident. The Democrats are out in force, motivated, and on the ground campaigning. If we want to win, we have to meet that effort. We cannot count on an issue such as immigration reform, to carry the day. We must remind and urge our voters to go to the polls.

Other Announcements

Vice Chairman Denny Daugherty reminded folks to attend the debates sponsored by the PW Committee of 100. Here is the schedule for the remaining debates.

Chairman Tom Kopko emphasized we will be out canvasing for voters every Saturday on both ends of the county. Check PWCGOP.ORG for rally points. Kopko said the rally this weekend would be important. Volunteers would be provided a walking list (which voters to contact) and candidate literature. Each voter would be provided voting information and asked about their candidate preferences. The ultimate goal is to ensure Republican voters to show up at the polls on election by calling them in the afternoon if they do not show up in the morning.

Kopko reminded members to make certain that remind the electorate that October 5, 2007 is the last day to register. He reminded members that absentee ballots are available if you plan to be out of the county on election day (This website provides all the information you need including a listing of the candidates.).

Because the presidential campaign is heating up earlier than ever this year, we were also visited by a representative from Americans for Prosperity. This organization is sponsoring a convention in Washington DC October 4 – 5, 2007 (see here). In addition to quite a few other famous names, most of the leading Republican presidential candidates will make an appearance.

Resolution on Proffers

With only two votes in opposition, the PWC GOP passed a resolution sponsored by Martha Hendley, the Gainesville District member on the Planning Commission. Hendley’s resolution called for the Prince William Board of County Supervisors to significantly increase proffers, adopting the recommendation of their own staff. This increase would make Prince William’s proffer rate competitive with the rate other counties charge in Northern Virginia (see here).

Proffers are the fees developers pay to have property rezoned so they can build new houses. Existing homes would not be affected. Proffers cover the expenses of new schools, new parks, new libraries, new fire and rescue facilities, increasing road capacity, and additional police facilities. Currently, the proffer fees charged by Prince William County are too low to cover these expenses. So, for example, our schools are overcrowded.

The proffer for a single family house is currently set at $37,719 per new house, under the average for counties in this area. The proposal would increase the proffer for a single family house to $51,113 per new house.

Note that Chairman Stewart is fighting to increase proffers (see here and here). This is keeping his campaign promise.