iraq.pngMichael Yon: On-Line Magazine exemplifies what journalism can become on the Internet. His work is carried on Fox News (here) and cited by Michael Barone in US News (here). Yet Yon strives to remain an independent (here) with full editorial control over his work.

When people read about a potential book deal, or a proposed television show based on my work, they naturally assume: “He must be making a killing!” It’s a natural assumption. It also happens to be completely wrong. I have never gotten a penny from any book, movie or television deal, proposed or otherwise. Anything that might increase the audience for these soldier stories that I post on my website gets my attention. But anything that even hints of outside editorial control, or smacks of someone spinning this material to promote a commercial or political agenda, gets shown the door.

Yon’s posting these days is about our soldiers in Iraq. Yon tells the story of our soldiers in Iraq from their point-of-view. His latest dispatch is well worth reading.