I Collect Blogs: Visiting The Daily Whackjob

vablogs2.pngSome people collect coins. Some people jump out perfectly good airplanes. Others read books. We all find ways to accumulate life experiences. These days, I spend more time than is probably healthy sitting in front of my home PC experiencing the blogosphere.

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Fighting the Disformation Campaign Against Faisal Gill

Even the number of delegate filings becomes fodder for the information warfare we call modern American Politics. First we have an unintentionally inaccurate report from Virginia Virtucon (which is generally quite accurate).  Then we have a gleeful, rumor-mongering report from Black Velvet Bruce Li. Then Two Conservatives makes a phone call and reports the facts.

Reading political blogs is like anything else. Even if the information is free, you just got to take the time to shop and compare.

In order to ensure a fair delegate count, Two Conservatives has called the people on the credentials committee and researched the screening process. So far, what is being done by the credentials committee appears to be legitimate. If you are concerned, visit Two Conservatives. Charles may not have a scoop, but he does have the facts.

Amoral Monsters

world.pngThere is a dangerous fiction that we use to raise money for enterprises that require large amounts of capital. This fiction is the corporation. Our laws create corporations and give them astounding legal rights. Corporations raise ten of billions, even hundreds of billions of dollars. The danger comes when we allow corporations to seek profit by any means available to them.

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PWC GOP FW: Catholic Democrats Scold Pope on Abortion

elephantgop.pngWhat follows is an email from Tom Kopko on right-to-life issues. This is one of those few times where I am forwarding information from the PWC GOP strictly for the purpose of informing, not necessarily as an endorsement.

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