Faisal Gill Kickoff Report

campaign.pngFaisal Gill‘s kickoff came off yesterday without a hitch. At a well-attended event (over 100), Lt. Gov Bill Bolling , Senator Ken Cuccinelli , and Del. L. Scott Lingamfelter gave Faisal Gill warm and hearty endorsements. In addition, Faisal Gill made an excellent speech, clearly enunciating a conservative position on the issues.

Our Lord provided excellent weather, sunshine and mild temperatures. The American Legion, Post 364, provided an excellent facility for the event. Their hall is roomy, well kept, and there is ample parking.

After everyone had time to introduce themselves and chat, Corey Stewart, Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS), served as the Master of Ceremonies. He introduced Delegate Michele McQuigg (who is running as the Clerk of the Court). Although McQuigg did not formally endorsed Gill, she has made it known that she will vote for Gill. At this occasion, McQuigg had the honor of introducing Bolling. McQuigg noted that Bolling is both a frequent and welcome guest in Prince William County.

In his presentation, Bolling made several points. The first, of course, is that he supports Faisal Gill’s candidacy. He believes Faisal Gill is well qualified and that he has solidly conservative credentials. His second point was that he knows Faisal Gill. Gill provided Bolling important support in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor. Bolling made it clear that he is happy to return that support. In addition, Bolling reminded us that after the convention is over, regardless of who wins, we must all come together and back that candidate.

Next Ken Cuccinelli took the podium. Cuccinelli made it clear that he also has reason to be appreciative of Gill’s support, and that Gill has come across the Occoquan to campaign for him. Cuccinelli believes that Gill has established his conservative credentials. Instead of a personal agenda of self interest, Cuccinelli made it clear the he believes Gill will follow the dedicates of his conscious and pursue a conservative agenda in the Generally Assembly.

Perhaps because he knows Faisal Gill best, Scott Lingamfelter gave the strongest endorsement. Lingamfelter said that Faisal Gill and Denny Daugherty recruited him to run for office. Lingamfelter believes Gill can be counted upon to pursue a conservative agenda of low taxes and limited government. Lingamfelter harkened back to Ronald Reagan and reminded us that in America, our best ideas and solutions come from private industries and concerns. More important, Lingamfelter pointed to Gill’s wife and children and said that Gill is a family man who understands the importance of family. In Richmond, Gill could be counted upon to protect the family.

In closing, Lingamfelter encouraged the attendees to work for the candidate. “In America,” he said, “the people who show up run the show.” If we want Faisal Gill to win the nomination, we have to get our people to the convention.

Faisal Gill then gave his own presentation. Gill spoke of arriving in America from Pakistan when he was eight years old. His father brought his family to America in pursuit of the American dream, seeking a good education for his children.

Gill told the story of how his father encouraged his sons to work hard in school. Gill’s father was a taxicab driver. One day his father insisted that he ride around all day with him in the taxicab. At the end of the day, his father told him he had a choice. He could study hard, and he could ride in the back seat. Otherwise, he would be in the front seat. After that experience, Gill says he studied with much more enthusiam.

Gill then reviewed his position on the issues.

  • No new taxes.
  • Seek additional funds from Richmond for new roads. Richmond cannot continue to tax Northern Virginia and then not provide the region its share of funding for new roads. We need, for example an additional lane on I-95. Moreover, Richmond needs to give the counties more authority over transportation decisions. Central planning through VDOT is not working. Central planning did not work in the Soviet Union, and it does not work here.
  • Supports spending money for education in the classroom. Believes that after ten years we need to review how the standards of learning, instituted by then Gov. Allen, are working.
  • Will crack down on illegal immigration. He joins Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling in calling for Governor Kaine to enter into an agreement with ICE to allow state agencies to enforce immigration laws.
  • State he is pro-family, pro-life, and he reminded everyone that he campaigned for the marriage amendment.

After Gill’s speech, people continued to hang around, eating, meeting, and greeting. The people Faisal Gill gathered to support him made good and pleasant company. If a man is known by the company he company he keeps, that most certainly is a good sign.

Other elected officials at the meeting included Brentsville District Supervisor Wally Covington and Occoquan District Supervisor Mike May. In addition, Desi Arnaiz, recently a candidate for the Brentsville District’s Member on the School Board was recognized and welcomed.

Note that both Gill and McQuigg must win at nominating conventions. If you can and you have not signed up as a convention delegate, please do so. Visit the candidate’s web site or www.pwcgop.org.

Note that Two Conservatives has an excellent write-up on the event (here and here).