Prince William County Republican Committee – February 26, 2007 Meeting Highlights

presentation1.pngI have heard it said that in politics half the battle is showing up, and that is definitely true.  Often times it would appear that the other half is sticking it out to the bitter end.  This meeting sure was a long one, and I did not make it. 

The meeting began by providing the folks who are running for office this year the opportunity give a short speech.  Giving these people the opportunity to speak is a good thing, and none of them abused it.  Unfortunately, the ballot is going to be extremely busy this year.  Each voter in PWC is going to have the opportunity to vote on who fills ten state and local offices this year.  So county-wide, we have a huge crowd of people running for public office.  So, of course, the speeches took way too long.  Then our Attorney General, Bob McDonnell, arrived, and he spoke too.  All I can say is that I am glad I am interested in hearing what these people have to say.

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Feb 26 meeting LOCATION CHANGE, or cancellation, to be announced BY NOON MONDAY

From Tom Kopko, Chairman, Pr. Wm. County Republican Committee  

Dear Pr. Wm. Republican friend,

Our Committee meeting’s location for Monday, Feb. 26 has been closed, yes, again, due to snow.


We have a lot of business to accomplish, so please watch our website or check for an email update.

Congratulations to the children for another day off – there are many happy faces in my house tonight! And, it’s perfect snow for making snowmen!

Chairman, Pr. Wm. County Republican Committee (

An Aristocracy of Lawyers: Why Lawyers Rule

lawyer.pngWhen I started researching this topic, I found an interesting web site (here), Legal Reform Now (LRN).  As the name suggest, this web site is devoted to legal reform, and LRN is definitely concerned about the dominance of lawyers in American government.  LRN referenced an article by a political science professor (University of Wisconsin) that was helpful to this post (here).   One observation the UW article confirms is that the legal profession is the dominant profession of the people we elect to public office.  For example, about half our representatives are lawyers and two thirds of our Senators.

Effectively, as Alexis de Tocqueville once observed, members of the legal profession form America’s aristocracy.  Tocqueville, a Frenchman, is justly famous for Democracy in America which appeared in two volumes in 1835 and 1840.  In order to understand a strange new nation, Tocqueville toured America.  Then he wrote a book and shared his observations.  Here is one of his more notable observations.

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