Support Senator George Allen

Imagine someone taking a magnifying glass and observing a pimple on your face. Then imagine this person characterizing your life and career based upon this pimple. Such happens more often than we would like to think. Consider Senator George Allen’s macaca episode. The Washington Post, for example, has covered every aspect of this episode in harrowing detail. That includes no less than four front-page stories on Senator Allen’s poor choice of words.

Now, if certain members of the news media are to be believed, Allen’s opponent, James Webb, has a real chance of winning Virginia’s Senate race – supposedly because of the macaca episode. In addition to his much-reported pimple, Senator Allen has a long and distinguished career in the service of the people of Virginia. Hopefully voters will remember that there is more this gentleman than what has been reported of late by the news media.

Highlights From the September 25th Meeting of the Prince William County Republican Committee

At their September 25th meeting, the Prince William County Republican Committee hosted two guest speakers, Delegate Bob Marshall and Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.
Delegate Marshall presented his views on the Marriage Amendment. Delegate Marshall, the amendment’s primary sponsor, has succeeded in placing this amendment on the ballot in November 7th general election.

Delegate Marshall began his presentation by explaining the need for the marriage amendment. A recent court recent decision in Massachusetts legalizing same-sex unions calls into question whether or not the same thing can happen in Virginia. Without an explicit definition of marriage in the Virginia Constitution, judges could rule either that a prohibition of same-sex marriage violates the rights of same-sex couples or that the US Constitution requires Virginia to recognize the marriages licenses of same-sex from other states.

Delegate Marshall also countered the primary argument of the amendment’s opponents. The amendment’s opponents claim the text of the amendment is too vague and would have numerous unintended consequences. However, even though similar amendments have already been passed in many states, opponents have yet to provide a single example of such an unintended consequence.

The Virginia State Board of Elections ( has provided an excellent description of the amendment. For a detailed description of the amendment, please see Statewide Ballot Issues and Proposed Amendments.

Lieutenant Governor Bolling reinforced Delegate Marshall’s support for the marriage amendment, and he gave a pep talk encouraging members to get out the vote. In addition, Lieutenant Governor Bolling indicated that he expects to run for governor.

Operations Chair Stephen Jimenez laid out the committee’s strategy to get out the vote, emphasizing voter identification. Because Virginia does not register voters by party, it is difficult to determine the party preferences of voters in Virginia. Jimenez encouraged committee members to volunteer to participate in phone banking and neighborhood canvassing.

If you support a Republican Party victory in Prince William County, please see committee’s web site (

Dumfries District Supervisor, Marty Nohe answered questions about the three bond issues that will be on the November 7th ballot. The three bond issues include the following: (1) road improvement bonds totaling $300,000,000, (2) library improvement bonds totaling $42,550,000, and (3) park improvement bonds totaling $27,000,000.

Because he believes the proposed legislation is unconstitutional, committee member Richard Salmon introduced a resolution opposing a bill sponsored by Congressman Tom Davis (For a description of the bill, see (

Debate over the resolution focused on whether it was practical for the committee to criticize its own candidate. To make it clear that the committee opposed the bill and not the candidate, the committee struck Davis’s name from the resolution. In addition, the committee removed a clause requiring the committee’s chair to notify the news media.

The text of the final resolution is provided below.

H.R. 5388, The District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act of 2006

Whereas H.R 5388, “The District of Columbia Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act of 2006,” creates two new congressional districts without the concurrent addition of any new states to the United States; and
Whereas the U.S. Constitution provides unambiguous direction in the selection of representatives and senators and allows only the citizens of states representation in the U.S. Congress; and

Whereas H.R. 5388 provides Utah an additional congressional representative for the sole purpose of providing a Republican to balance a new Democratic representative from the District of Columbia; and

Whereas to ensure the independence of the Federal Government from the influence of any state government, the U.S. Constitution grants the Federal Government exclusive jurisdiction in the District of Columbia; and

Whereas the U.S. Constitution provides lawful alternatives to achieve popular goals, and the principle of the Rule of Law requires that our leaders not exceed the authority granted them by the U.S. Constitution;

Therefore, Be it Resolved that the Prince William County Republican Committee opposes the passage of H.R. 5388.