The Soft Tyranny of Comfort

Tricia has written a great post! Still, I think we need to think a about a couple of things.
1. The wolf would have eaten the dog.
2. This excerpt from Tricia’s post.

Well that about sum things up, doesn’t it? Of course real life is not so black and white, as many people fall somewhere in the middle of these two points. I myself am on Team Less Government, but I do believe in some sort of a safety net to help those in need. It’s when the net becomes a hammock however that things get problematic and we’ve been at that tipping point for some time now. President Biden’s latest stimulus package punts us right over the edge.

There was a time I would have written something similar. Now I wonder at my foolishness. What is the problem? There are two problems.
1. The Federal Government has no charter to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor. They don’t do it anyway. The politicians give the rich loopholes.
2. Various idioms illustrate this second problem. There is that story about letting the camel’s nose under the tent. Once the camel’s nose is in the tent, how do we stop the rest of the camel from coming in and under the tent? Then that more American adage, “give them an inch, and they take a mile.”

The point is that the power that comes from distributing “free” government money is extremely enticing. Because we have let our leaders have this power, we risk seeing them wreck our economy.

Charity is not a legitimate government function. There is no moral justification for taking money from one person and giving it to another. Even when government serves as an intermediary, it is still stealing.

Look at the Declaration of Independence. We need a government to protect our rights. Without a government, no one is safe. Unfortunately, people always want government to do more. Then government becomes a threat to our rights.

Freedom Through Empowerment

“The wolf is starving, thin as a rail, when he meets a well-fed, strong dog. When the dog learns the wolf is barely surviving, he invites him to come and live with him on the farm. “You’ll get plenty of food and treats of all kinds,” the dog says. “And all you have to do is bark at strangers and make a fuss over the farm’s owners and children. It’s an easy life.”

The wolf is salivating at this prospect when he notices the dog’s collar. “What’s that around your neck?”

“Oh, that,” the dog replies. “It’s nothing. It’s just used when they chain me up.”

“You have to wear a chain? You aren’t free to do what you want or go where you please?”

“Not all the time,” the dog says. “But who cares?”

“Thank you very much,” the wolf says, “but I’ll keep my freedom!”

And with…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Shock collar used on one of the Würzburg riot police’s dogs
(from Shock collar – Wikipedia)

In the previous post, (BATTLELINES FORMING IN LOUDOUN COUNTY | Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance (, we talked about the difference between teaching our children HOW to think and WHAT to think. Teaching children how to think is instruction for human beings. Teaching children what to think is training for dogs.

The object of training a dog is to gain control over it. Whereas the object of instructing a child is supposed to be an independent, competent, mature adult, an adult who has self-discipline and self-control. Unfortunately, some of our leaders, mad for power, have a problem with independent, competent, mature adults.

What are some of the things some of our leaders are doing to control us, like dogs? Consider the fact that power comes from the fact one has control. Hence…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance


The Battle of Chickamauga, the highest two-day losses.
(from American Civil War – Wikipedia)

Most people don’t think of politics as a type of warfare, but politics is a type of warfare, albeit bloodless warfare in better times. Politics is information warfare. We define our causes, strive for and support our causes, and get our supporters to the polls to vote. Instead of contending for ground, we fight over who leads us. We fight over public policy, and we pray that the strife between us will not grow so heated we begin killing each other.

These times threaten to become less than better times. As the innumerable “racial justice” riots last summer and the riot at our Capitol indicate, some are growing increasingly angry. Why? Well, here is one reason. Instead of being taught HOW to think, our schools are teaching our children WHAT to…

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Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

A reduced starting lineup after Kamé Ali was disqualified due to a false start in heat 3 of the men’s 110 metres hurdles at the 2012 London Olympics
(from False start – Wikipedia)

The Republican Party of Virginia – RPV has finally chosen its nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears Wins Republican LG Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia. This lady deserves our congratulations for winning a hard fought race, as do Glenn Youngkin Wins VA GOP Gubernatorial Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia and Jason Miyares Wins Attorney General Nomination – Republican Party of Virginia.

Unfortunately, some in the news media “jumped the gun” and published Winsome Sears victory before the vote count had been completed and the party had announced a winner. Hence, the title of this post.

What happened? Around noon yesterday, I got an email from a friend with a message that did…

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