TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

I live in Northern Virginia, not too far from our nation’s capital. Came here to get a job. A steady stream of large amounts of money flows through this area. Richest counties in the nation are all around our nation’s capital. So that idea worked.

Been here almost a quarter of a century now. Has being here made me an expert about politics? No, but being here did encourage me to study politics.

Have I learned anything? What about this post? Why would the people who run our nation’s capital want to lower the voting age? Well, lowering the voting age is about demagoguery, that is, empowering demagogues.

If you want to be the most powerful politician you can be, then you want to spend (have control over the spending of) as much money as possible. What has that got to do with lower the voting age? Well, people who pay taxes generally don’t want to be taxed any more than is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, there are people who think they pay little or nothing in taxes. There are also people who get products, services, and money from the government. Those people generally don’t mind seeing increases in taxes and spending, and those people include 16 year old people.

Back in colonial times, only property owners voted. People who did not own anything did not vote. Politicians (out of the charity of their hearts, of course) extended the voting franchise until virtually any adult could vote.

What was the result? There may have been some benefits, but they were some problems too. The Federal Budget is virtually out of control. Yet what are our glorious leaders worried about? They want to give 16 year old people the right to vote?

Take a look at Don Merritt’s post. That last line is kind of funny. It is also all too true.

Then go take a look at the Constitution. Washington DC is actually under the control of the Federal Government. The people who have allowed our nation’s capital to become a laughingstock also run our country.

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Have You Heard about this One?

Just when we thought that Washington, DC couldn’t get any crazier, DC Councilman Charles Allen has introduced a measure to lower the voting age in the District from 18 to 16. According to news reports, 7 of the 13 Council members have signed on to the proposal; a majority. Mr. Allen says that he was inspired to take this action by the high school students who organized and led the recent “March for our lives” that filled Washington with thousands of people protesting, mostly adults, for something to be done in the wake of the Parkland (FL) school shooting back in February.

Other members echoed Allen’s remarks and expressed their admiration for our young people who are leading the way for social change across America, as have many television commentators in recent weeks.

Should Washington go ahead with this proposal, the city would join…

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Body of Christ vs Board of Christians

It is a strange thing. Christianity has been around for about two thousand years, but even some of the people who call themselves Christians still don’t know what it is that makes someone a Christian.

What is it that makes some a Christian? That is the subject of Tamara Lee’s post.

How do I know she is correct? Tamara Lee just repeats what the Bible says.

Why are so many confused about what makes someone a Christian? We don’t read our Bibles. We have lots of Bibles, but we don’t read them. If you have a Bible and don’t study it, what good is it? If you believe Jesus died for your sins, that He is God and the most important man who ever lived, why don’t you want to read about Him? Believe it or not, the Bible actually is a fascinating book. Once you make the effort, it is fun to read.

It is a strange thing. If there is any book everyone ought to read, it is the Bible. Yet most of us don’t. Why? I suppose everyone has an excuse. Yet in this day an age, we have the books, and we have the time.

Is prayer the answer? Then we each need to pray for God’s help, both for ourselves and each other. Then we need to pick up the Book and read. We need to start with the books in the Bible that interest us and then read the more difficult books. We need to consult commentaries. We need to join Bible study groups. We need to care about our success.

So that we can please our Lord, know what it means to be a Christian and obey Him, we each need to make a habit of reading and studying the Bible. We need to discover why we should love God and each other.

The Way Online

Being active in ministry I get the pleasure of being around all sorts of people. When I look around at these people, I want to find the identifier, the one thing I know that truly identifies them as a Christian – a follower of Christ. I want to know the one thing that anoints them, “sets them apart”, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they belong to God. That they are sold out completely to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

Is it the position they hold in the Church? The fact that they get to stand behind that beautifully ornate and perfectly constructed pulpit that Brother James lovingly made last year for Pastor Appreciation Day? Nope. Is it because they sit in the front row and shout amen at the pastor faithfully? Nope. Is it because they are on the Board of Directors, CEO of…

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Mel Wild at In My Father's House spends a fair amount of effort debating Atheists. His focus is demonstrating that we can logically prove the existence of God. ColorStorm also spends a lot of time debating Atheists. His approach.  defends the veracity Word of God, the Bible. What is the correct approach? Both. Both have their place.... Continue Reading →

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