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As Delegate Rob Bell indicates in this email, this is important. Supposedly, voter fraud does not exist. Wrong! If no effort is made to detect voter fraud, we will not find voter fraud. That makes the fact we have started trying to … Continue reading

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We live in desperate times. We live in a time of great opportunities. Our world is out of control. We have never had more knowledge or better tools for bringing it under control. We have never had more laws, more regulations, more … Continue reading

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America’s Fading Glory (reblogged)

Voting American is one of the more energetic political blogs. Nonetheless, we all need encouragement. So when samiam60‘s spirits start flagging, he wrote The End of the Road for Voting American Blogs. Fortunately, various commenters rallied around . In the midst of several videos, for example, swissdefenceleague offered … Continue reading

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When a young person dies, that is a tragedy. We consider what might have been, and we wonder why God allowed that young person to die. Because we cannot afford the luxury of weeping endlessly, most of us then move … Continue reading

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What is a “power play”? There are several definitions (see power play), but the third applies here. power play noun an action, stratagem, or maneuver, as in politics or business, by which power is concentrated or manipulated in order to … Continue reading

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