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Reason for latest repost:  This comment: mastersamwisesays: July 23, 2015 at 7:34 pm You would rely on the charity of a people that Alexis De Tocqueville described as practicing “self interest rightly understood?” It is an inescapable aspect of human … Continue reading

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When I wrote WORSHIP OF THE GOD OF STUFF — A reblog, I got an interesting comment that inspired this reblog. It reminded me that some smart people who really should know better cannot figure out the difference between the government dole … Continue reading

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The Lost Art of Being a Lady — reblogged

Usually, I don’t talk about anything personal, but there are times I think a bit of testimony is necessary. The Lost Art of Being a Lady by insanitybytes22 provides such a time. First let me confess here, I definitely grew up on the … Continue reading

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When I visited Wikipedia to see what they had to say about the expression “Social contract,” I discovered that the denizens there don’t seem too happy with their own article. Perhaps that is because the article makes it clear that the expression … Continue reading

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Pseudo – “Christians” reblogged from I REFUSE TO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG

irtfyblog has posted the second part of his series on “Christians.” With Pseudo – “Christians” his righteous rant continues. Hirelings didn’t enter the leadership of the church by the Holy of Holies…the True Door, but instead, climbed over or dug their way under … Continue reading

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