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Love’s Not For Sissys

Originally posted on Lillie-Put:
I was listening to this song in my afternoon devotion. It reminded me that love is not the sweet mushy thing that our culture has sometimes made it out to be. Love is tough as nails, tenacious,…

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Please forgive me, but I am sick. All I feel like doing is laying around. Nasty cold, I guess. Achy and a low grade fever. Thank the Lord for aspirin.

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The rise of the meebot

Originally posted on ColorStorm:
There is no place to hide as they are everywhere. In the grocery aisles with Mom, at the mall, at the boardroom on Madison Ave, sports, I’m tellin ya, they are multiplying. We all know folks…

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Education Does Matter

Originally posted on Amusing Nonsense:
As I am watching David Barton’s “American Heritage Series” in preparation for a series of articles about them, I am faced with an idea that there is at least a movement to advocate for changes…

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The Alpaca and the Potter (a Love Story)

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Originally posted on Biltrix:
Pardon me while I work on my rock-step I get asked a lot, nowadays, “What happened to Biltrix?” which is not so hard to explain as the typical, “What’s a Biltrix?” I still get asked sometimes. The short answer, I’ve taken…