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What is evil?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
Some people often wonder why I obsess over the red pills, bad theology, militant atheism, and narcissists and psychopaths. It all stems from a desire to try to understand the…

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The Pope Comes to America

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
So Pope Francis is touring the country this week and as usual the media is tripping all over themselves to find something, anything, sensational to talk about. The big kerfuffle of the moment is…

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King Solomon, Wise Women (u/d)

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How would you interpret the meaning of this ancient wise saying? “A bitch in her search for food gave birth to a poor litter.” I surmised in a novel that the Queen of Sheba…

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Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
Seduction is a fine subject for a hot and steamy August. It is an interesting word, one that has rather pleasant connotations on the surface. It simply means to enchant,…

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Advice to Dr. Walter J. Palmer from Planned Parenthood’s PR firm

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:
From Live Action News. Dr. Palmer, We have reviewed your statements and have the following recommendations to help end this public relations disaster: ―Location of the specimen at the time of demise is everything.…

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Happy birthday, John Newton

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John Newton was born in London on July 24, 1725. At the age of eleven he went to sea with his father, a ship’s captain. After his father’s retirement, John signed on with a merchant…

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