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Taking care of business

Originally posted on bluebird of bitterness:
Jane is a retired lady in her sixties. Because her house is paid for, her health is good, and her expenses are minimal, Jane’s monthly Social Security check is sufficient to pay the bills. But…

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#HobbyLobby’s fight for freedom, and how it’s being misrepresented (again) by the Media

Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
This isn’t supposed to be how freedom works. It’s not supposed to come down to one decision that’ll allow the Federal Government to remove our God-given rights and turn our lives…

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Can We Enjoy Heaven Knowing of Loved Ones in Hell? – RC Sproul

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Citizen Tom:Here is a subject we prefer not to talk about, but we really can’t avoid it. So we pray for those we love, too often especially for those who have yet to accept Jesus as their savior. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading

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Every now and then a reader asks me a question. After I get over such unexpected flattery, I wonder if I actually know enough to answer the question. The answer is usually “no”. Nonetheless, that does stop me from offering … Continue reading

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Fr. Barron on Original Sin, with My Reflections

Originally posted on Catholibertarian:
[youtube Secularism reduces all things to matter and removes God from the equation.  When Satan tempts us and we give in we separate ourselves from God.  There is a bit of the enduring influence…

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