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Existential Feminist

Originally posted on sitting on the edge of the sandbox, biting my tongue:
Career women in New York City are submitting themselves to hormonal treatments: Fashionable New York professional women gathered at a first-of-its-kind “egg-freezing party” this week — where…

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BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court Grants Stay On Fourth Circuit’s Marriage Amendment Ruling, TFF Issues Statement (reblog)

Since this something I have posted about, it seems appropriate to post the latest news courtesy of THE FAMILY FOUNDATION BLOG. Underscoring the arrogance of the two judges on the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals who refused to stay their … Continue reading

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How To Fight ISIS

Originally posted on Deo Vindice:
US Army’s Punitive Expedition in Mexico – The Pershing Expedition The US and NATO could fight ISIS and win.  ISIS is the Muslim group setting up an Islamic Caliphate across their conquered territory in Iraq…

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What is Wrong with Abortion?

Originally posted on With All I Am:
Is it immoral to deliberately end the life of a fetus? This is a philosophical question that tackles the ethics of abortion. This philosophical question demands philosophical answer(s). Before I attempt to answer this…

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Intellectuals, Academics and Truth

Originally posted on The Life Project:
In yesterday’s podcast, I related a story about a couple of self-proclaimed intellectuals leading a group discussion, and my thoughts about the scene that followed. Of course, anybody who knows me will understand that…

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