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How To Fight ISIS

Originally posted on Deo Vindice:
US Army’s Punitive Expedition in Mexico – The Pershing Expedition The US and NATO could fight ISIS and win.  ISIS is the Muslim group setting up an Islamic Caliphate across their conquered territory in Iraq…

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What is Wrong with Abortion?

Originally posted on With All I Am:
Is it immoral to deliberately end the life of a fetus? This is a philosophical question that tackles the ethics of abortion. This philosophical question demands philosophical answer(s). Before I attempt to answer this…

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Intellectuals, Academics and Truth

Originally posted on The Life Project:
In yesterday’s podcast, I related a story about a couple of self-proclaimed intellectuals leading a group discussion, and my thoughts about the scene that followed. Of course, anybody who knows me will understand that…

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Caddo’s Seven Word Sunday: 8-10-14

Originally posted on Lillie-Put:
When It All Seems Like Too Much, Pray!

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Grace and Truth

Originally posted on The Life Project:
For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. John 1:17 It’s a short little verse really, nice phrasing, sort of a lyrical quality, but it falls within a…

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