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Dear Muslims: Which “House” is America to you?

Originally posted on The Conservative Citizen:
- by Amil Imani – ? People are familiar with Islam’s classification of the world into the Dar-ul-Solh, the house of peace, meaning the house of Islam-and the Dar-ul-Harb-the house of war, meaning the…

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POSTS WORTH READING — August 31, 2014

Since the “Posts I Like” widget works so poorly, I have given up on it. Instead, I will just try to post links to what I think is worth reading once a week. So here goes. News/Editiorials The devious designs of … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Ed Morrissey Interviews Gov. Rick Perry, Unedited Or Interrupted

Originally posted on Rat Nation:
Everything is bigger in Texas As we ramp up to the 2016 presidential election, more and more attention will be paid to potential candidates.  Gov. Rick Perry is one of several people in a fairly…

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ISIS: Isolating Evil

Originally posted on Regular Right Guy:
If I read everything the lovely Ellison Barber recommends, I wouldn’t get any blogging done or be able to read the really important stuff, like Nelson De Mille and Michael Connelly. Still, she nailed…

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The greatest question ever asked

Originally posted on THE NAKED TRUTH 2:
Now that I have your interest, I trust I will have your undivided attention. – continuumissues. Questions are asked to gather information, some are asked to embarrass, they are asked to prove someone, they…

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