What is a Conservative? Hint, Not Trump!

What is Conservatism? Here an excellent presentation that answers that question.

Freedom Through Empowerment

This is not a hit piece on Donald Trump. Now that his supposed inevitability as the Republican nominee for President has been stymied by a powerful Ted Cruz win in Iowa however, it’s time for some serious talk about conservative philosophy and what we should expect from candidates who call themselves one.

The term conservative can be confusing because it’s meaning changes depending on where you are and in what time period. If you were a European conservative during times of monarchy, aristocracy or feudalism, you were a defender of such power structures and fought against changes to them.

American conservatism is more closely attuned to the classic liberalism principles of civil liberty, political and economic freedom, which our founding doctrines were built around and which conservatives today are struggling to protect.

Ironically though, because our way of government has strayed so far from classic liberalism, today it’s the so…

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Why are we in Decline

This video is interesting and definitely worthy of a hearing. I think most of what the filmmakers have to say makes good sense. I don’t have issues with the film’s constitutional arguments. I would happily abolish the Federal Reserve, for example. I also am tired of Congress’ cowardice. Congress has abrogated too many of its responsibilities, including its power to declare war, to the President.

Where do I think the filmmakers err? I think they give conspirators, Cultural Marxists, way too much credit. We ourselves have corrupted our society, not a group of conspirators. When we are our own worst enemy, we do not need to create an enemy or demonize anyone.

What is wrong with the notion that cultural Marxists corrupted our society? Cultural Marxists never had the resources to do what the makers of the video suggest.

What the makers of the film observed and misconstrued is what statisticians would call a false correlation. Yes, we had a group of fanatics voicing the nonsense of godless Marxism. Yes, the decline of our culture coincided with the popularization of godless Socialism. However, godlessness and big government has a multitude of advocates, not just Cultural Marxists.

Fortunately, the filmmakers put the responsibility upon us to peacefully fix the problem. That is because our problem is a bunch of corrupted Americans, not a bunch of insidious conspirators. We have to fix the problem because we have no one to blame except ourselves.

Note one of the key observations in the film. The churches did not fight back. What is it the churches should have fought?
1. State-run education. Parents, not government, must be responsible for the education of children. Government has no valid role. Churches and private groups within local communities have a role, but not government. Because our government can force us to do things we would not otherwise do, state-run run education has too much potential to propagandize instead of educate. It took awhile, but our politicians are using our schools to propagandize our children.
2. State-run charity programs. We give charity out of love for each other. Charity is a religious act. When we allowed our government to establish charity or welfare programs, we allowed our government to establish a state religion, Secular Humanism.
3. Corruption of the mass media. Advertisers exist to sell products, often for amoral corporations. To sell their goods and services many corporations will happily appeal to our base nature. To do that, entertainers and advertisers don’t need to be indoctrinated by Cultural Marxists. Some devil is always at our ear, and when we give in to that devil’s tempting, we will angrily pretend it is not there. Hence, the mass media covers up for their customers, scheming politicians and corporate CEOs.

Who is the Christian Church? Christians. If our government is corrupt — if our country is becoming more and more corrupt — it is because we have stood by and done nothing to stop that growing corruption.

If we want a government that is truly a servant of the People, what do we have to do? We each must make a practice of serving each other.

What is necessary for a republic? Following the example of Christ, the People must set the example for their leaders. If we expect our leaders to set a good example for us, then we have no reason for a republic.


Marxist’s Movement in America and the demoralization of society:

This video answers the question – Why we are in decline in so many areas. it discusses the entire causal effects of Marxism and what has happened to America… Lengthy, but well worthy of viewing in it’s entirety. This is a very important election year.

This video is for all who want to know what and how it happened to America and those responsible for it’s political and culture decline. A must view for not only Christians, but for anyone who wants the truth…

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Tough Love

I have been having a discussion with a relative about the nature of love as described in the Bible. So I went looking for some illumination. Here is a great post that focuses on Matthew 5:38-42, a passage on the subject of revenge.

What makes this post different? Some people read the Bible at a surface level. That doesn’t work. To understand, we must hear the Word as those who first heard it understood it, and Beejai strives to do just that.

The River Walk

tough love

But I say, do not resist an evil person! If someone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other cheek also.If you are sued in court and your coat is taken from you, give your shirt, too.If a soldier demands that you carry his gear for a mile, carry it two miles. (Matthew 5:39-41)

Read: Genesis 13:5-15:21, Matthew 5:27-48, Psalm 6:1-10, Proverbs 1:29-33

Relate: “For the rest of the week, you’ve got latrine duty.” The soldier was rightfully confused and angry. Latrine duty was generally reserved as a particularly nasty punishment duty. He could think of a few minor things he had done, but nothing demanding a week. So he questioned his superior. “Multiple witnesses are saying you were taking advantage of the locals.”

“What do you mean? I’ve done nothing.”

“You know the law. One mile. You made some poor sap carry your gear for easily double that.”

“But sir…

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Ocean De’ath — reblogged from DeHavelle.com

DeHavelle.com is one of my favorite blogs. Keith DeHavelle does a great job of researching what he writes about, and he is a gifted writer. Add his considerable scientific expertise, and there no excuse for not checking out his posts on scientific controversies.

Ocean De’ath

Ocean acidification is a bugaboo that has been flogged recently since the pause made warming rather a non-issue.

They recently adjusted temperatures to “fix” the pause, but have not been able to adjust the global satellite temperature record, so the pause is still there. And people are growing weary of having every single bit of weather ascribed to global warming. But ocean acidification does not have a clear measurement history, thus can be constructed and modeled in a way that can be as scary as desired. And it is poorly understood by the public, and difficult to refute.

Make it scary!

Catastrophists want this news to be as scary as possible, and this truth was revealed recently in a series of emails behind the publication of an ocean acidification disaster story in the New York Times using this graphic:


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