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H/T to The “Call To Prayer” begins at 6 AM every day in Hamtramck, Michigan! by Lines By Liming. When I read ‘s post I decided to have a little “fun” and investigate.  This story has actually been around for … Continue reading

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King Solomon, Paris Terrorism

Originally posted on Rudy u Martinka:
In a previous post on 9/21/2015, referenced below, I posed a question after this statement. “President Obama is now making plans to allow Muslim Syrian refugees in the USA. Is this wise?” Facts have…

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The omnimalevolence of atheism

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
For those who don’t know, John Zande of superstitious naked ape fame is a militant atheist I sometimes chat with. He’s written a book and his latest theory is that…

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King Solomon, Is Donald Trump a Fool?

Originally posted on Rudy u Martinka:
The GOP cannot seem to make up its mind whether he is a sulfurous clown, an actor, a fool or wise candidate to run as their candidate for President of the USA. Before you…

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Meaning From Nothing

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
The words sad and frustrating come to mind when dealing with my dad, a once brilliant scientist and man of superb rational thought, whose face now scrunches with bewilderment when I enter his home…

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Thank you, Ben Carson

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Citizen Tom:Want to know how easy it is for people to be mean and stupid? Then consider insanitybytes22’s post. What is it about? When presidential candidate Ben Carson suggested an appropriate way to support those who lost friends and relatives … Continue reading

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