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Here is a post that complements my last post. The wings of time Posted on May 19, 2015 by ColorStorm God cannot be charged with negligence as some would care to imagine. It is a thousand times easier to believe God created … Continue reading

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I will be checking my blog, but I will not be doing much with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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Making Friends from Foes – A Tale of Power Plant Woes

Originally posted on Power Plant Men:
Originally posted April 25, 2014: Later in life, thinking back to when I was young, I sometimes wonder at how my first real friend, Mark Schlemper remained my friend throughout my childhood.  I remember…

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To Make An Effort For America. Pt. 2

Originally posted on The American Post-Standard:
I’m not asking any of my fellow Americans to give up their ideals. However, I am asking every American to give up their antagonistic methods of communicating these said ideals toward one another in…

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H/T to Thinking in Christ. From the post, Waiting for the ACLU… There’s a ton of lawsuits right there in that one video. Will they sue? Or is this homosexual crusade more about anti-Christian bigotry than it is about “gay rights?” There … Continue reading

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