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Seven “crashed” Hard Drives, #IRS? SEVEN??? Puh-leeeeeease….

Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
I like a good piece of fiction as much as the next guy. But as brilliantly illustrated by ReasonTV’s Remy (below), there’s a limit to ANYONE’s ability to suspend their disbelief, …mine included. —…

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John 10:6-7 (The Gate)

Originally posted on The River Walk:
Those who heard Jesus use this illustration didn’t understand what he meant, so he explained it to them: “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.” (John 10:6-7) Read: Isaiah 18:1 –…

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Dear Parents of Russian Federation, Are You Nuts?

Originally posted on sitting on the edge of the sandbox, biting my tongue:
Echo Moskvy, one of the few opposition media sources (this is not an all-out endorsement, there are some despicable opposition figures in Russia) retells a personal story,…

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Accountability For Our Borders

Originally posted on Deo Vindice:
These millions of huddled masses were LEGAL immigrants. Processed at the border. Some were sent back. The Executive Branch under the President of the United States is responsible for keeping the borders of the US…

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Is God dead?

Originally posted on altruistico:
The technical term for the teaching that “God is dead” is theothanatology, a three-fold compound from the Greek: theos (god) + thanatos (death) + logia (word). German poet and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is most famous for…

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