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What caused me to write this post? I am usually quite content to let the comments I receive drive my the subject of my posts, and this one is driven by quite a few. Does Planned Parenthood Use Taxpayer Funds … Continue reading

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Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! — reblogged

Rah’s Mirror is a relatively new blog. I “discovered” it thanks to a reblog by Wally Fry. Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! by Rah Plotts. addresses a difficult issue. When we blog … Continue reading

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WHY Defend Planned Parenthood — reblogged

One of the stranger things I hear from time-to-time is the claim that men don’t have the right to say anything about abortion because it’s a woman’s body.  I have at least two problems with that. An abortion does not … Continue reading

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Here is an email I got from Delegate Bob Marshall yesterday. Stop PP from Selling Baby Body Parts! Dear Friends: Selling parts of aborted babies’ bodies is part of Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices according to Dr. Deborah Nucatola, senior director of medical services … Continue reading

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When I saw the video below at THE FAMILY FOUNDATION BLOG (Planned Parenthood’s 3% Aboriton Myth), I decided to investigate a little. Planned Parenthood posts this statistical assertion boldly on its Planned Parenthood at a Glance page. Here is the supposed factoid. Here … Continue reading

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