OATH OF OFFICEWhen the story of the President Barack Obama‘s political career has become history, what should the story be called? I think THE ADVENTURES OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IN THE LAND OF GULLIBLE would be an appropriate title. However, those of us alive today don’t have to wait for the book. In fact, tonight we saw the beginning of yet another episode in the career of our nation’s leading liar (For those with strong stomachs, here is the transcript.).

What would be an appropriate chapter title? That’s easy: EXECUTIVE ORDER: AMNESTY II FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

How do we know our president is lying? We can read the charter of the Federal Government, The United States Constitution. Four short little clauses in that document give us the full answer.

Article 1 describes the structure of and the powers of Congress of the United States, and it provides the process for choosing our Congress. Section 1 begins by explaining what Congress does.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives. (from here)

What does the term “legislative” mean? In this context the term “legislative” is used as an adjective.  So lets look at the adjective definitions.

– having the function of making laws: a legislative body.

– of or pertaining to the enactment of laws: legislative proceedings; legislative power.

-pertaining to a legislature : a legislative recess.

– enacted or ordained by legislation or a legislature: legislative ruling; legislative remedy.

Because Congress has “All legislative Powers,” Congress makes the laws.

What kind of laws does Congress have the powers to make? The Constitution enumerates those powers in Article 1, Section 8. Section 8 specifically includes this power.

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization

That means Congress has the power to establish our nation’s immigration laws.

Article II of the Constitution describes the powers of the president, and it provides a process for choosing both president and the vice president. Section 1 by begins by explaining what the President does.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. (from here)

What does the term “executive” mean? In this context the term “executive” is used as an adjective.  So lets look at the adjective definitions.

– of, pertaining to, or suited for carrying out plans, duties, etc.:  executive ability.

– pertaining to or charged with the execution of laws and policies or the administration of public affairs: executive appointments; executive committees.

– designed for, used by, or suitable for executives: an executive suite.

As amazing as it may seem, the president does not make new laws. The president enforces existing laws.

In fact, because the men who wrote the Constitution were worried that the president would exceed his authority, Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution requires the president to take an oath, one written just for him.

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  (from here)

Unfortunately, we have allowed President Barack Obama to get away with violating his oath of office. So part of the blame for Obama’s repeated oathbreaking belongs to us. When he ran for office, Obama made promises the Constitution would not allow him to keep. Thus, for example, he and his cronies in Congress foisted Obamacare on us. Nevertheless, we voted for him a second time. So now he is foisting AMNESTY II FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS on us. And what’s his reason?

For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations. It’s kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities – people not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose. (from here)

Even as he violates his oath of office, subverting our constitutional republic, he tells us it’s for our benefit? And we are suppose to believe him?  What is amazing is the number of people who still do? Thus, the book title:  THE ADVENTURES OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IN THE LAND OF GULLIBLE.


humor.pngWe are in the middle President Barack Hussein Obama’s second term. It has taken six years of misery, but some of the people who voted for him and some of the people who didn’t vote for anyone are finally willing to vote for almost any Republican just to get rid of the Democrats who are making of mess out of everything.

So what did I get in my email?  I got a copy of this.

America – He’s Your President for Goodness Sake!

By William Thomas

There was a time not so long ago when Americans, regardless of their political stripes, rallied round their president. Once elected, the man who won the White House was no longer viewed as a republican or democrat, but the President of the United States. The oath of office was taken, the wagons were circled around the country’s borders and it was America versus the rest of the world with the president of all the people at the helm.

Suddenly President Barack Obama, with the potential to become an exceptional president has become the glaring exception to that unwritten, patriotic rule.

Four days before President Obama’s inauguration, before he officially took charge of the American government, Rush Limbaugh boasted publicly that he hoped the president would fail. Of course, when the president fails the country flounders. Wishing harm upon your country in order to further your own narrow political views is selfish, sinister and a tad treasonous as well. (continued here)

Generally, when I get an email like this, if I think it worth the bother, I investigate. Is this for real or just a joke? As happens, this note was for real, and I think the writer is actually serious.


With a little research, I found an editorial in the Washington Free Beacon, Leave Obama Alone! Liberals Actually Believe Obama Is the First President to Be Publicly Criticized. The author, , could not resist having fun with Thomas’ nonsense. Stiles ridicules the Thomas’ nonsense by interspersing the text with pictures of Liberals demonstrating against George W. Bush.

Every paragraph of Thomas’ nonsense is so absurd I have to wonder if he wrote it tongue-in-cheek.

  1. That time not so long ago exists mostly in fiction. Because our politics is just warfare fought with ballots, American squabble most of the time. Our worst war was our Civil War. It ended with a president’s assassination.
  2. Barack Obama is an exceptional president, and he has gotten most of his agenda. And that’s his problem.
  3. Limbaugh did hope Obama would fail.  Because he did not want Obama to implement his Socialist agenda, screw up our healthcare, and damage our economy, Limbaugh hoped Obama would fail.
  4. When Joe Wilson called Obama a liar, Wilson told the truth.
  5. Obama’s costly excursions have become things of legend. If only the Obama’s had only wasted money on their costly excursions.
  6. Because the Democrats forced their healthcare program upon an unwilling nation, the people demonstrated peaceably.  If you want to see a mud pit, check out Stile’s pictures of the demonstrations against George W. Bush.
  7. And so forth.

Well, one more.  This paragraph is just too pricelessly stupid to pass over.

In President Barack Obama, Americans have a charismatic leader with a good and honest heart. Unlike his predecessor, he’s a very intelligent leader. And unlike that president’s predecessor, he’s a highly moral man.

He is defending Obama from abuse, and he takes a swipe at Bush? Is he that dense? The Daily KOS (here) doesn’t seem to think so.

Anyway, Conservatives have been trying to root Obama out of the White House for six long years. What we have discovered is that only the slow, remorseless revelation of Obama own dismal performance can destroy Obama’s presidency.

Some people desperately want to believe Obama lies, but not enough of them do anymore. Thus, we have come to the point where Conservatives are no longer the only ones fed up with Obama’s presidency. Check out Dana Milbank: Obama seems numb to this latest ‘shellacking’ of Democrats. That begins with these words.

“I hear you,” President Obama said to the voters who gave Democrats an electoral drubbing in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

But their message went in one presidential ear and out the other.

The Republican victory was a political earthquake, giving the opposition party control of the Senate, expanding its House majority to a level not seen in generations and burying Democratic gubernatorial candidates. (continue here)

If the Liberal news media starts piling onto Obama, that will be worse than anything Conservatives might do or say. To figure out that much we just have to remember how they treated George W. Bush.



  1. voteOur national debt is approaching 18 trillion and we have over $127 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
  2. Supposedly, with growth at 3.5 percent, our economy is zooming, but much that growth is due to the reduction of oil and gas prices.  That reduction is due to new technology that Obama just finally got around to supporting. Meanwhile, in the name of about Global Warming (never shown to exist) , Obama and the Democrats continue warring against coal.
  3. The news on “immigration reform” is that we can expect President Obama to issue another one of his unconstitutional executive orders.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called on President Obama to issue a “bold” executive order that would stop the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants, including farm workers, families of people allowed to remain in the country under the administration’s “Dream Act” policy, and many others. (continued here)

    Why do the Democrats want all those illegal immigrants?  Well, now we have question. Could non-citizens decide the November election? With enough “non-citizens,” in the next election that question could go away. 80 percent of non-citizens vote Democrat.

  4. With respect to the Ebola virus our leaders have a schizophrenic policy. When they come from West Africa after treating people with Ebola we don’t quarantine civilian health care workers, but our military personnel? Well, here is our Dear Leader’s scientifically incomprehensible explanation

    Q    Are you concerned, sir, that there might be some confusion between the quarantine rules used by the military and used by health care workers and by some states?

    THE PRESIDENT:  Well, the military is a different situation, obviously, because they are, first of all, not treating patients. Second of all, they are not there voluntarily, it’s part of their mission that’s been assigned to them by their commanders and ultimately by me, the Commander-in-Chief.  So we don’t expect to have similar rules for our military as we do for civilians.  They are already, by definition, if they’re in the military, under more circumscribed conditions.

    When we have volunteers who are taking time out from their families, from their loved ones and so forth, to go over there because they have a very particular expertise to tackle a very difficult job, we want to make sure that when they come back that we are prudent, that we are making sure that they are not at risk themselves or at risk of spreading the disease, but we don’t want to do things that aren’t based on science and best practices.  Because if we do, then we’re just putting another barrier on somebody who’s already doing really important work on our behalf. And that’s not something that I think any of us should want to see happen. (from here)

  5. The Obama administration has the situation in Iraq and Syria under similarly scientific control, Foreign jihadists flocking to Iraq and Syria on ‘unprecedented scale’ – UN.
  6. In spite of (or because of?) Obamacare, our health care costs are rising faster than our wages. And those rising health care costs hit low income workers harder.
  7. And so forth.

In this coming election, we have the need to throw the bums out more than we have had in decades. The people we have in charge right now don’t even bother to concern themselves with the Constitution. Instead of serving us, they think their job is to deliver the goods (our goods) to their campaign donors.

So what should we do? We should vote Republican.

Of course, many will complain there is very little difference between Republicans and Democrats, but that is not entirely true. If we check their voting records, we will find that even RINOs don’t vote exactly like Liberal Democrats. Republican did not vote for Obamacare, for example. Nevertheless, we cannot count on power-hungry RINOs to repeal awful legislation like Obamacare or to cut taxes and spending. Therefore, we must plan ahead.

Why aren’t Republicans and Democrats more concerned about running our country properly? That is our fault. Too many of us don’t participate in either the Republican Party’s or the Democratic Party’s nomination process. Instead, we let special interests fund the candidates they want and get them nominated. And surprise!  Surprise! What the special interests want are crooked politicians.

Therefore, on the day after Election Day, November 5, 2014, we need to do three things.

  1. If the guy we voted for is a RINO, we need to send him a polite note. We need to congratulate him on his victory, and we need to explain just exactly why we voted for him. If he starts do something else, like trying to pass an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, we must make it clear we will work to get rid of him in the next election.
  2. We need to start participating in the nomination process. Until we start nominating Republicans who are serious about limited government, we are going to get RINOs who are only just a little bit less crazy than Democrats about taxing and spending.
  3. We need to pray. Whatever God’s Will for the future may be, we need to be doing what He would have us do.

DELEGATE BOB MARSHALL ON America, ISIS and a Third World War?

Here is an email sent out yesterday. So in one sense it is old news, but the analysis remains timely.

Since Delegate Bob Marshall usually doesn’t get into this sort of subject, I at first thought it surprising. However, I think the constitutional issues, what usually gets Marshall’s interest, got his interest here.

America, ISIS and a Third World War?

Dear Friends,

As Congress prepares to fund military action against ISIS or the Islamic State, America will also attempt to overthrow Syrian President Bashar in the process.  The consequences of our overthrowing yet another Middle Eastern leader will cause another vacuum which I believe will simply empower radical Jihadists.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who may be criticized on other grounds, has not beheaded Americans or Israelis.  Syria has been at peace with Israel since 1967.  Syria has not engaged in hostile acts towards the U.S.  Yet Syria may become another American military target while we fight ISIS.

Please ask your Congressman and two Senators to ensure that American military action is directed against ISIS and not the overthrow the Syrian president.  The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote as early as today ((9/17/14) on a bill to fund the federal government through December 11, 2014 to avoid another federal government shutdown.  Because this vote on military action is in the government funding resolution, Congress must vote up or down to both objects in the same bill.

The White House will attempt to “logroll” authority for this war in the Middle East into the Government Funding bill rather than vote on separate measures.  This is a tactic which makes it difficult to stop or alter the authority.

The President has failed to tell us that he has a wider agenda than action against ISIS: That is, a war against Syria, Russia’s ally.  The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has insisited that they will not join the U.S efforts without a guarantee that the U.S. will  commit to toppling the Syrian President.

Language complying with the FSA request comes from Congressman McKeon (CA) for a wider war in the Middle East to provide assistance to the FSA, including bombing Syrian government forces and infrastructure.

The “allies” America will train to fight ISIS (and apparently the present Syrian government) will be trained in Saudi Arabia, home of the Wahhabi version of hard line Islam and home of 15 of 19 of the September 11 hijackers.  These fighters are, believe it or not, to be “appropriately vetted.”  The so-called Free Syrian Army has already been in close working alliances with al Nusra, al Quada and ISIS in fighting President Assad.

The Obama Administration has already been providing arms and training to Syrian “Arab Spring” rebels and their anti- Assad allies of all stripes.   A New York Times (4/28/13) headline reads, “Syrian rebel groups dominated by Islamists.” The Telegraph (3/25/11) reports that Mr. al-Hasidi, who recruited Libyans to fight coalition troops in Iraq, said,
“… his fighters ‘are patriots and good Muslims, not terrorists,’ but added that the ‘members of al-Qaeda are also good Muslims and are fighting against the invader.’”

The International Business Times (9/11/14) reported that beheaded American journalist James Foley, was handed over to ISIS by the “Dawood Bridgade … that was originally aligned with relatively moderate opposition groups such as the Free Syrian Army, but recently pledged allegiance to ISIS.  The family of beheaded Steven Sotloff said their son was “sold” to ISIS for up to $50,000 by “the so-called moderate rebels that people want our administration to support.”  (CNN 9/10/14)

Lastly, our 2011 NATO-aided Libya intervention, formally rebuked by the House of Representatives, left that country without a stable government.  Now, eleven Libyan airliners have been stolen by Jihadists.  Three planes could make it to Los Angeles from Burkina Faso.  Almost all the rest are capable of flying from West Africa to Washington DC or to Norfolk where we berth aircraft carriers.

How can we possibly “vet” such rebel fighters under wartime conditions where alliances are constantly shifting?  Was the Fort Hood Jihadist properly “vetted?”   The fog of war makes prudential judgment difficult enough without additional complicating elements present in the Middle East.  We must concentrate on destroying ISIS, rather than another government overthrow with could result in more radical leaders taking control of power in Syria.

ISIS, or the “Islamist State” has been making converts from the so-called “moderates.”  Conversions are not happening the other way around. The latest CIA estimate upped the number of ISIS fighters from 10,000 to between 20,000 and 31,500.  The CNN Report on CIA figures concluded,
“More than 15,000 foreign fighters, including 2,000 Westerners, have gone to Syria … The fighters come from more than 80 countries …”  (CNN 9/11/14)

Israel will now have to worry about Congress training and arming additional Syrian “rebels.”

Apparently, quite a few ISIS terrorists have slipped through the CIA vetting process!  Yes, we must destroy ISIS, but making the Assad government a co-target with ISIS is not in the interest of lasting peace in the region.

Given Syria’s close alliance with Russia, the ferocity and fervor of ISIS troops which claim murder is their religious duty, the world-wide recruitment of Jihadists to fight against the Infidel, it is no wonder that Pope Francis, apparently the subject of an assassination threat by ISIS, recently lamented while standing next to tombstones of Italian soldiers killed in World War I, that a piecemeal “third world war,” is emerging from Middle East and Eastern Europe conflicts.  (The Pope has nevertheless stated, speaking in the context of ISIS attacks, that force can be used to stop “unjust aggression.”)

America’s Founders, when faced with the prospect of war with Great Britain, publicly proclaimed their “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.”  We must do the same.

Please phone, email or fax your Congressman and Senators Kaine and Warner (contact information here) and urge them to not link America’s effort to destroy ISIS with the overthrow of the Syrian government since Syria has not taken hostile action against the United States or Israel.

If you’d like more background information on this issue check out the full post on my website.  Thank you for your continued help!


Delegate Bob Marshall

Here are some links related to the bill Congress passed.

Congress has now left town.

Congress apparently doesn’t want any responsibility for whatever Obama does (or doesn’t do). Yet the Constitution makes Congress responsible for determining the scope of the war, not the President. Congress declares war, not the president. article reports President Obama made the mocking observation that Congress has gone on “vacation.” When Obama spends so much time golfing and on vacation, that is clearly hypocritical.

What is clear is that we have elected too many people who do not take the constitutional responsibilities of their office serious.  They enjoy the power and the perks, but not the responsibility.

There is one benefit of the members of Congress going home to their states and districts. We can tell them what we think of the job they are doing.