Here is what immigration is suppose to look like.
Here is what immigration is supposed to look like.

I need some help with two questions. So I am asking for it.  Please read the following story.

  • Can you explain to me why the illegal immigrants this story is about are not responsible for creating this mess?
  • Perhaps I am being too harsh, but why is The Washington Times, supposedly a Conservative newspaper, peddling this tearjerking nonsense?

Dysfunctional immigration enforcement system tears apart family

In the end, their flights almost overlapped: The 11-year-old boy on his way to the U.S., granted a one-year parole to escape violence in his home of El Salvador, arrived in Dallas just a week after his uncle, Elvin Marroquin Diaz, whose testimony helped earn the boy his parole, was deported back to El Salvador.

Now, just a few weeks later, it’s the boy’s father, Elmer Marroquin Quintanilla, who faces deportation this Thursday after federal immigration officials decided that despite having a family here, including two U.S. citizen children — the 11-year-old boy Alexis and 15-year-old Sylvia, who was raped on her own journey north from El Salvador — he still meets President Obama’s new priorities for being kicked out of the country.

It’s the latest twist in the case of the Marroquin family, which has seen major ups and downs, years where Alexis and Sylvia didn’t see their parents at all, several joyful reunions in the U.S. and now the possibility that two men in the family would be kicked out and shipped home within weeks of each other.

“Why would you separate a family that we just spent almost two years fighting hard and finally got permission to unite? That makes no sense whatsoever,” said Ralph Isenberg, founder of the Isenberg Center for Immigration Empowerment in Dallas, a help center that has taken on the family’s case.

Mr. Isenberg, who provided the information about the cases over the course of dozens of conversations stretching back more than a year, said he was making a last-ditch plea with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to stay Mr. Marroquin Quintanilla’s deportation, which is scheduled for Thursday.

ICE has already paid for a ticket on a commercial airline to send Mr. Marroquin Quintanilla back to El Salvador on Avianca Flight 441 Thursday afternoon, nonstop from Dallas to Sal Salvador.

The agency says the man is a target for deportation because of his checkered history. He was first caught sneaking into the U.S. in 2005 and issued a notice to appear before an immigration judge — though he was released to await that hearing. Five months later, he didn’t show up for the hearing, and a judge ordered him kicked out in absentia, ICE said. (continued here)

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The Melting Pot (play) by Israel Zangwill
The Melting Pot (play) by Israel Zangwill

There is a metaphor that remains popular. That is the vision of the United States as a “melting pot.” I don’t remember exactly when I first heard of this idea. I just know I was in school, and hearing it got my back up. As I saw it, the melting pot is a metaphor for losing ones individuality, for giving up ones values for the security of belonging to an amorphous mass, the majority.

Why bring this up now? The subject came of in one of comments to DON’T YOU THINK THEY KNEW THAT?.  scatterwisdom disliked Pamela Geller’s and her organization’s ‘Draw the Prophet’ Muhammad contest. Nevertheless, he considered it wise for our government to turn away Muslim immigrants.


May 12, 2015 at 7:58 pm

I look at this incident as a foolish decision made to provoke violence in the USA. In your example of a wolf and lamb, the lamb wandered astray instead of intentionally walking up to the hungry wolf and daring the wolf to eat him. Muslims are devout followers of a religious belief to kill anyone who disagrees with their religious beliefs. That is contrary to our Constitutional beliefs in free speech. and laws not to kill.

We know that and if we want to provoke them to kill us, they will do just that. In my opinion, since we know Muslims do not believe in our laws and morals, it would be wise for our government to not grant citizenship to any Muslims because of their contrary religious beliefs .

Regards and goodwill blogging.

I agree with ‘s belief that we should keep people with beliefs hostile to our nation’s values out of the country. However, Keith DeHavelle argued forcefully for assimilation (here). Therefore, in the following comments  and  had an interesting little discussion.

Ironically, the term assimilation suggests the rest of us are suppose to absorb new immigrants into our nation’s “body.” So I don’t like that metaphor either. As I see it, the United States is suppose to be about God-given rights. Here are each allowed the right to find our own way to God, and we have an obligation to turn away or confine anyone who will not allow others to exercise their rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, as a nation, we have no idea what to do about our immigration laws, and we have the definition of the term “rights” so confused that when we talk about “rights” we are all talking about different things. So what do we do? What do we do about the Muslims, the Hispanics, the Asians, and so forth? Where is the place where the descendants of those who came from western Europe will still be allowed to take pride in the accomplishments of those who went before us?


newsThink about how odd it is. We elected a black president, and he promised to bring us all together. With his election, we would finally see an end to racism. Instead, the people who were supposed to end racism won’t let it die.

Here is how it has been going down.

  • Some white guy kills some black guy. In the last couple of big news stories, the supposedly killer white guys have been policemen.
  • The news media screams the supposedly murderous killing is about RACISM.
  • This president and his justice department do their absolute best to prove it is about RACISM.
  • Then the evidence slowly trickles out through the alternative news media (See 11 Facts About the Eric Garner Case the Media Won’t Tell You, for example.), and we find out it is just about self defense.
  • The news media moves on to the next racial expose.

So why is the corporate news media doing this? Why is the Obama administration helping to make national stories out what should be local stories? Why make so much effort to stir up racial animus?

Consider how a magician does his tricks.

Magicians use distraction techniques to draw the audience’s attention away from whichever hand is engaged in sleight of hand. Magicians can accomplish this by encouraging the audience to look elsewhere or by having an assistant do or say something to draw the audience’s attention away. (from here)

The same technique is used in warfare. Here is an example appropriate to the anniversary of our entry into World War II.

Operation Fortitude was the code name for a World War II military deception employed by the Allied nations as part of an overall deception strategy (code named Bodyguard) during the build-up to the 1944 Normandy landings. Fortitude was divided into two sub-plans, North and South, with the aim of misleading the German high command as to the location of the imminent invasion.

Both Fortitude plans involved the creation of fake field armies (based in Edinburgh and the south of England) which threatened Norway(Fortitude North) and Pas de Calais (Fortitude South). The operation was intended to divert Axis attention away from Normandy and, after the invasion on June 6, 1944, to delay reinforcement by convincing the Germans that the landings were purely a diversionary attack. (continued here)

Are we at war with our government? Are our leaders trying to deceive us?  If so, what we being distracted from? What are the stories we should be giving our attention?

Here are some examples.

Perhaps, instead worrying about policemen killing people when they violently resist arrest, we need to worry about our tax and spend crazy leaders. What are they doing to our country, and why are we letting them do it?

  • We had an economy that no one could surpass. We use to make things. Now we buy our computers from an authoritarian regime that clearly considers us a threat to its interest in conquest.
  • We use to assimilate new immigrants by insisting they become Americans. When immigrants came here, we expected them to work and learn English. Now we give them welfare and educate their children in their native tongue.
  • We use to have a president who honorably enforced the law, whether he liked that law or not. Now our president vetoes existing laws, and he calls that prosecutorial discretion.
  • When we did something stupid and made a situation worse — when we passed a law like Obamacare because people lied to us — we used to have the sense to repeal that bad law. Now we try to cover over the lies of the liars by “fixing” that bad law and pretend it just has a few flaws.

Why is it we act as if politicians always are right? Is the appropriate response to every government failure more government? If we are foolish enough to think such a thing, maybe we need to look at who educated us. Don’t politicians run our schools? Even though Opposition to Common Core spurs jump in homeschooling (www.foxnews.com), doesn’t the Federal Government want still more control?

Where does the Constitution give the Federal Government any authority over our education system? It is not there? Hummmm. Then why is the Federal Government taking more and more control over what we learn?

When we get lost, are we suppose to continue stumbling down the same unknown trail, or are we suppose to retrace our steps? Doesn’t it make sense to get back to a point where we knew our location? That’s the essence of Conservatism. When something doesn’t work, before we attempt to make any more improvements, we go back to what we know works.


Just in case you think our leaders don’t act when we are distracted, check out these stories.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is not done yet. So when we are enjoying good meals with family and friends on Christmas and New Year, we can count on those meals costing us more than we know.



capitolThe general election of 2014 is over. The Republican’s party has had an overwhelming victory. Nevertheless, we know the polling. Republicans did not win because of their own popularity. They won because President Obama and the Democrats insist upon making a mess of our country.

Therefore, I have decided to send a letter to my congressman. I want him to know why I voted for him.

Dear Congressman Rob Wittman

I suppose you are happy and content with the results of this last election, but I hope not. We sent you back to DC to do some hard, difficult work, not to enjoy the fruits of a great victory. We sent you to war with a ravenous government that claws and grasps for revenue. We sent you tie up in knots any congressman who would spend more money than we have. We sent you to shackle the phone and the pen of a president thirsting for power.

I cast my vote for free enterprise, not more government. Why? In the 80’s I worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  I went there as an advocate for increased spending for NASA. I came away as adamant opponent, someone who would have happily seen NASA scrapped. I had seen for myself that socialism does not work. That includes a socialist space program.

I recognize that some still pine away for the good old days, those days when the United States was the first to land a man on the moon.

Forty-five years ago last summer, Neil Armstrong and I walked on the moon. Our Apollo 11 lander touched down in the moon’s “Sea of Tranquility,” and three days later we were home. We splashed down and came safely aboard the USS Hornet. In that moment, America fulfilled a promise — to herself and to the World. Together, we resolved to lead in space, convey men to the moon and come home safely. As Americans, one nation, we resolved to do it, and we did it. The time has come to find that kind of resolve again. (from Getting on with getting to Mars by  Buzz Aldrin)

For forty-five years those who dream of exploring new frontiers have depended upon politicians to fulfill their dreams. We have been fools. Politicians have their own dreams, and they have nothing to do with space exploration. They never ever did. For the number of votes it buys, space exploration is too risky and costs too much. Moreover, government bureaucracies, even NASA, are populated by too many risk averse bureaucrats, not enough people with a dream.

I now know I cannot make my dream someone else’s dream. If I want my dream to become real, I must do the work myself with others who share my dream. Therefore, I now cast my vote for smaller government.

I cast my vote for a balanced budget. We cannot afford what Congress and the President want to spend. Since September 15, 2008, Congress has added over $12 trillion to the deficit (see How Much Obamanomics Has Cost Us by Stephen Moore).

I cast my vote for a strong defense. The United States still retains a strong military, but we face growing threats: a resurgent Russia, an increasingly belligerent China, and militant Islamic states. Yet too many of our leaders want us as weak as Europe, with a government that divert funds needed for defense into extravagantly expensive social programs, incapable of defending ourselves (see Europe’s sentinels have gone home by Bruce Lawlor).

I cast my vote for the resolute defense of our borders from illegal immigrants. It is no secret that our president wants to make law, not just enforce the law, that he would legalize millions of immigrants with a flourish of his pen. Thanks to a spineless Congress and out of control executive, we now risk becoming a bilingual banana republic ruled by a tyrant with a pen and phone. You know what the people of this country want done. Please find the courage to do it!

I cast my vote for an end to Obamacare. That law is blatantly unconstitutional. Repeal it first. Then we can worry about replacing it.

I could say more, but this is enough. So let’s summarize. When those in power insist upon spending other people’s money for them, politics becomes a blood sport, not fun and games. That’s why I did not cast my vote so that you could work with the president and the Democrats. I cast my vote so you could stop them and reverse their agenda, and I think it is safe to say that lots of other people voted the same way. Therefore, you now have a choice. I hope you will help lead the opposition to Obama and the Democrats. Otherwise, please follow those willing to lead that opposition, or just get out-of-the-way.

In times past, the Democratic Party defended slavery; they even sought to expand it into the territories and free states. Latter the Democratic Party fought for racial segregation. Now, in support of bigger and “better” government required to implement so-called social and economic “rights,” Democrats would enslave all Americans. That’s what socialists do.

The Republican Party began as a third-party before the Civil War. Because it refused to fight slavery, the party the Republican Party replaced is now long gone. Yet time corrupts all things and all institutions created by men. Therefore, unless we get involved in the Republican Party, we cannot depend upon the Republican Party to stop and reverse the damage the Democratic Party has done.

Do you favor the prosperity and freedom that comes with limited government and free enterprise? Did you reluctantly vote for a Republican who needs to be encouraged to defend freedom? Then please write him or her a note. Politely let your member of Congress know why you gave him or her your support. Then, if your member of Congress fails to do his or her duty, do your duty and help nominate another Republican to replace that delinquent.