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It has become one of my favorite quotes, but that is not because it is easy. Be egalitarian regarding persons. Be elitist regarding ideas. — Peter Kreeft of Boston College (from here) The statement is simple, but the implementation is not. … Continue reading

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Occasionally, when I see I am getting a fair number of visitors from Black Velvet Bruce Li, I wander on over to see Greg Letiecq’s latest mischief. Since I do not approve of his website, I find it mighty strange … Continue reading

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I suppose the dream that we might judge each other solely by the content of our character instead of by our race, sex or creed remains only that, a dream. The Potomac News reviewed the electoral races in Prince William … Continue reading

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The Latest On Faisal Gill – Republican for House of Delegates, 51st District

The SkepticalObservor has the latest regarding the Eleventh Congressional District Committee’s unanimous rejection of Julie Lucas’ appeal regarding the 51st District Convention which nominated Faisal Gill (see here). Charles at his blog, Two Conservatives, has fact checked the bloggers attacking … Continue reading

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During press conference today, Faisal Gill, candidate for the House of Delegates, 51st District, announced an immigration reform proposal (here). Subsequently, he described his proposal in more detail in an email to supporters.

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TwoConservatives Continues the Blog Defense of Faisal Gill

This post is just for people who read Goodbye Ken or BVBL. If you do not read either blog, this post is not for you. I cannot stand reading Goodbye Ken or BVBL. I hate filling my head with information … Continue reading

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