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I am just an average citizen interested in promoting informed participation in the political process.

King Solomon Upside Down

Originally posted on Rudy u Martinka:
? Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote to describe what occurs when fools rule over the wise. What becomes evident when this occurs? Read on if you are interested. First, you need to…

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It is awkward fact of life. Whenever we engage in a complex activity, we will make mistakes. When we go to our doctor or dentist, our doctor or dentist will make mistakes. When we buy a home or a car, … Continue reading

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These days I am not very excited about politics. I still see the issues as extremely important, but I don’t have any genuine Conservatives running locally that I can support. I still support the Republican Party, but the Republican Party … Continue reading

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On the first Tuesday in November, 2014, we will make some significant decisions. We will choose between candidates for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. These people will help establish our Laws and spend trillions of our dollars. What … Continue reading

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POSTS WORTH READING — October 13, 2014

Election Day, November 4, 2014, is approaching. News/Editorials Watch Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie meet for first Virginia Senate debate. Judge the candidates for yourself. Just be careful. When Warner calls Republicans extremists, we must make certain we don’t let our eyeballs roll … Continue reading

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