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On Sunday, I noticed an article in the Washington Times that actually surprised me, Sharp Elbows in Republican primaries, but first a little background. Supposedly, Barbara Comstock is the front-runner in the GOP’s firehouse primary to replace Congressman Frank Wolf.  Her problem? … Continue reading

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“I missed my damn plane!” REALLY???

Originally posted on The Culture Monk:
By Kenneth Justice “God I hate my life!” ~ I was sitting at an airport terminal on Friday and the mid-30ish woman sitting next to me was clearly in a bad mood, “Not having…

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Thanks to the Census Bureau, #Obamacare has a shiny new yardstick

Originally posted on Two Heads are Better Than One:
Over the weekend, Politico said that Conservatives were “suspicious” of the White House over the following issue. But that’s wrong: we’re not “suspicious” in the slightest. Suspicion indicates doubt, …and anyone with two synapses still…

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Bunkerville Bundy debate with Chris Hayes and GOP Assembly woman, Hayes loses

Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!:
If you haven’t caught this, it’s worth a watch.  Why can’t we have more politicos who can tangle with the libtards?  Chris Hayes wants desperately to portray her as a domestic…

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  Why This Post When I got a comment that began as follows from a commenter who calls himself “scout”, I decided to write this post. Your last comment blazingly illustrates another major difference between our disparate “conservatisms”: the place … Continue reading

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