Our governor likes to spend our money. He is a professional politician.

If we want roads, let’s just finance the roads we use strictly with tolls, and let’s not allow professional politicians to spend any of the money we pay in tolls on anything but the roads we paid those tolls to use.

The right-wing liberal

This afternoon, Governor Bob McDonnell proposed a transportation funding plan highlighted by the elimination of the gasoline tax. Despite that, the plan itselfincreases taxes overall – and is largely dependent on a federal tax hike bill that died in a House Committee last year.

There is sadly little good to say about the McDonnell proposal, so I’ll get that out of the way first: the proposal to increase the piece of the existing sales tax dedicated to transportation (from 0.5% to 0.75%) – projected to provide over $800 million for roads over the next five years – is a wise prioritization of our transportation network. Also, replacing the gas tax with a higher sales tax has its benefits, in theory in that it ties Virginia’s roads to economic activity in the state. That said…

The sales tax increase is too high, making it an overall tax increase:By the…

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