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This post was inspired by prolific blogger, Nebraska Energy Observer’s post Conservatives Fail Online. Please read/Share.And please do read it and share it.

It’s time to stop talking to ourselves.

You know who you are.

You are a strong voice for freedom, the constitution and conservative or libertarian ideals. You believe the best government is a small, unobtrusive government that leaves Americans alone to live our lives, raise our children and pursue our own ideas of personal and professional success.  

Yet, you spend too much of your online time in a safe zone, surrounded by “friends”, bloggers, tweeters and writers who think like you. There is nothing wrong with affirmation. We need to encourage one another—continually.

But if we are to broadcast our message of small government, personal liberty, personal responsibility, we have to click out of our comfort zone.

If as bloggers and tweeters, we want to…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog. Unlike a lot of us conservative bloggers, you seem to attract quite a few libs here from time to time so you can take ‘em on your home turf!

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