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Here is a great speech from a legendary performer.

Because I don’t trust Romney and because of the RNC power grab, I did not bother watching the convention. Nonetheless, there seems to have been at least a few good speeches. I guess I will catch up with them on youtube over the weekend.

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My husband stopped purchasing Streisand music a long time ago. Ditto for me and Springsteen.

Some  refuse to pay to see a George Clooney movie, cringe when Alec Baldwin touts Capitol One credit cards and shake our heads in dismay when Sarah Jessica Parker gushes like a valley girl about “that guy” in the White House.

I was sad–really–when Tom Hanks joined the fray. So much talent. So little common sense.

Many of us decided that Hollywood and the music industry (except for many country music stars–which the left hate as a rule) are all hopelessly out of touch with regular Americans who have made their lifestyles possible.

If your livelihood or your legacy is dependent upon having the most people possible pay to enjoy your talent, be soft-spoken, or better yet, silent about your political views. Better to have the adoring public wondering than open your mouth and erase all doubt…

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  1. Abig thank you to you, Tom for the re-blog.
    Yes, there were quite a few speeches were watching: Condoleeza Rice, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ann Romney & Mitt Romney I all recommend. (That should take care of your viewing allotment!)
    I don’t think I will bother with the DNC, myself. Highlights will be more than sufficient.

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