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The Grey-Haired Brigade

 Reblogged from Voting American. They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies, geezers, and in some cases dinosaurs. Some of us are “Baby Boomers” getting ready to retire. Others have been retired for some time. We walk … Continue reading

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US Treasury Secretart kowtows to Chinese because he must. The 3 main ways the Federal Government gets money are bad.  The 3 ways are taking money in taxes, borrowing money in bonds, or printing money…

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Originally posted on Biltrix:
Protect Our Girls (.com) Yesterday, The Hill reported that: “The House will vote this week on legislation imposing criminal penalties on anyone performing an abortion based on the sex of the child,… [read more]” Here is…

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The complete video of the May 25th debate between Virginia’s four Republican senate candidates is nowhere to be found yet. However, I did find a copy of the May 11th debate at Virginia Beach. The video is from E. W. Jackson’s youtube website. … Continue reading

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When we speak of occupying a city or some geographic location, we usually are using the word “occupy” as a military term. Thus, the Occupy Wall Street crowd left me will rolled-up eyeballs from the start. That’s a military operation? With that … Continue reading

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