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It has been a long presidential primary season, and I cannot really keep up. I just don’t the time or the energy to provide a great new post on the presidential primary race every Tuesday. Besides since the rascals here in Virginia would not let us vote for anyone but Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, and I am still quite disgusted.

Besides it is only Illinois (Didn’t those guys send us Barack Obama?). So I am rerunning this post, Mitt Romney vs. Rick Santorum and providing some humor.

If after sticking Obama on us, Illinois cannot figure out Romney is no different, Illinois are hopeless anyway.

By the way. I was born in Illinois. If Obama wins another four, even Abe Lincoln won’t be enough to live down the scandal. Would some other state please adopt me? Hawaii maybe? I hear you guys are great with fake birth certificates.

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Apparently not everyone is overjoyed at the thought.

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  1. Bob says:

    I was born in Illinois too, but I can hardly be blamed for that. No one asked my opinion in the matter.


  2. Great post and the pic was a hoot. Hey I am not from Illinois but Minnesota elected a TV wrestler as governer.
    John Wilder


  3. tony salmon says:


    Real humor! Glad to see it for a change. :-)


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