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What the video describes is something quite remarkable and almost wholly alien to the United States of America. Here are people accepting the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice, the suffering He did to expiate our sins, by making a commitment to suffer in His name. Because of their commitment to Jesus Christ, these people will surely be persecuted.


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  1. I suspect Mr. Paine would deem such a sight with equal irritation as having a stick in the eye while defending the expression as he knew the right critical to liberty.

    He was a fascinating man.


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  3. altruistico says:

    Tom, that video was remarkable. It is a miracle that in a nation as Iran Christ is transforming people; leading them from sin to saint. It is a true blessing seeing this unfold before my eyes. Giving God the praise and glory.

    Thanks Tom, for the sharing of that beautiful message. If it is okay, I’d like re-blogging it onto altruistico.


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    A re-blog from Citizen Tom. View this video and see the wondrous glory of Christ at work. Thank you Tom for sharing.


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