In the article below, USA Today lists some of the corporate sponsors fleeing Rush Limbaugh’s show. Understand why this makes the Left giddy with delight. Is what they are doing a form of censorship? No. Corporate sponsors have every right to choose where they advertise. Nonetheless, what Rush did was the mildest form of sarcasm. Who in his or her right mind would get up in front of Congress and demand that others pay the cost of their contraceptives and not expect to be laughed at? So we punish Rush for inducing us to laugh at the ridiculous? Only ridiculous people, hypocrites who insist upon a double standard, would make such a demand.

Under attack from all sides, conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh apologized Monday for calling a female law student a “slut” and a “prostitute,” but it was not enough to stop a stream of advertisers on his nationally syndicated radio show from dropping him. (continued here)

That raises a question. How does the Left get away with such nonsense? The answer? We let them run our schools and educate us to believe that their double standard — their politically correct standard — is the only correct standard. Because they have taught us to fear the shame of being politically incorrect, we do.

Anyway, make what you want of the folks (particularly the advertisers) who have succumbed to the false guilt we call being politically incorrect (see The Origins of Political Correctness).

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  1. Just read the article you linked to, Tom, and I think I’m going to fire off some e-mails to the advertisers that fled. John Deere was one. My message:
    I do not agree with your rash decision to pull your advertising from Rush Limbaugh, You’re right,
    “Nothing runs like a Deere.”


    • Sherry says:

      oooh…that’s a good one. Perhaps they may find themselves hurting because Conservatives will not buy their products for pulling out of Limbaugh’s show…


  2. Scout says:

    So, if we had a change in school administrations, we would have a society that considers calling women “sluts” and “prostitutes” the “mildest form of sarcasm”? Not sure I would care much for that culture.


    • Scout, I don’t condone that type of language, and an apology was necessary. But because Rush is not part of the liberal establishmeent, the double standard comes into play. I wish we could return to a time when crude language was an anomoly and socially unacceptable. Instead of elevating everyone to the higher standard, we have sunk as a society to the lowest common denominator.


  3. Scout says:

    I would find it equally repellant and despicable if Katy Couric or Rachel Maddow called a woman they didn’t know a slut or a prostitute. Have they done that? Who are the liberal media figures that speak that way without drawing censure?


    • Scout, I can see you have not been following this story in the right places. Let’s see:
      Ed Schultz calling conservative radio talk show host, Laura Ingram a “slut”
      Bill Maher calling Sarah Palin a “#unt” (that’s the most dispicable word and I dare not spew it out completely on Tom’s blog) and there are more. Schultz was taken off his show for one week by MSNBC, that’s it.. Nobody touches Maher, he’s a foul-mouthed person all of the time. I agreed with you that Rush needed to apologize and he did. The double standard is that the liberal msm barely whimpers when one of their own uses vulgar insults yet they won’t let go of the Rush story.


  4. Mark says:

    Anyone who makes those sort of comments is despicable right or left and should have no one to do business with. You think it’s OK for Rush to do it because some people on the left are also rotten? That sort of justification is disgusting.


  5. Hey Mark
    I am also distressed that Rush said those things and I am one of his fans but you need to hold both sides accountable and that just does not happen. Libtards make outrageous comments about conservatives all the time like Leno talking about Sarah Palins 15 year old daughter getting laid in the 7th inning stretch by A rod.
    John Wilder


  6. Sorrow not Leno but Letterman


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  8. Scout says:

    Could we return to the issue raised by CT: That calling women “Sluts” or “prostitutes” is the “mildest form of sarcasm” and that there is something about the school system that prevents us from understanding this? I can’t follow this at all. But presumably there’s an explanation.


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