Deo Vindice offers up two views.

The right-wing liberal reluctantly backs Romney

The Mason Conservative provides some angst and comedy.

Bearing Drift: Virginia Politics On Demand provides some reflection and analysis.

Virginia Right! is excited about Ron Paul.

Because he has lots of money and many find him the least objectionable, Mitt Romney gets the most the commentary. Nonetheless, I don’t think you will find much trust or enthusiasm. Is this sort of facile tongue, uninspiring man what we have been reduced to selecting as a candidate? Why?

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  1. Thanks for sharing my words. FYI, my comments are retreads from 05 or so and 08. I still hold the words to be accurate in my mind. I may write something new, too. TBD.

    Romney is the easiest for BHO to beat. Daffy Duck should beat BHO this year.

    Thanks, again.


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  3. I just fail to understand “my fellow Americans”. At any rate, this excellent post has cause me to run one of your links, but with a direct credit to your initial post:


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