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The Murder of Industry/Economic Recovery in Florida brought to you by the EPA. (via freedombytheway)

Based upon what they are doing some people think the environmentalists are out to destroy our country. In Florida, where unemployment is in the double digits and small businesses are struggling to survive, the EPA has mandated new clean water … Continue reading

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Why Is The Government So Spendaholic? (via Blog de KingShamus)

The post below links to another good post. Make sure you read them both. Fleeceme–the man, the myth, the blogger–has a pretty good idea. Today, my wife and I were planting some flowers in our front yard. After we finished … Continue reading

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DELEGATE BOB MARSHALL GOES TO THE TOP (via Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance)

Ben Bernanke’s response to this should be interesting. In the last post, HOW OUR GOVERNMENT SUPPORTS DEVIANTS, we posted Delegate Bob Marshall’s letter chastising the Virginia branch of the Federal Reserve for flying the homosexual, bisexual and transgender rainbow flag. Here we post … Continue reading

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What is an unraveling ultimately about? Have you considered what it means to be taught and to teach? No doubt you have heard of Tarzan of the Apes. Tarzan’s story provides Western literature one of its more popular fables. After a trip … Continue reading

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A REVIEW OF The Origins of Political Order by Francis Fukuyama

Tony, a reader, submitted the following book review.  Since I know him, I decided to post it. Here is how Tony phrased his request. I wrote this as a book review.  Feel free to post it on your blog if you want … Continue reading

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Jeanine Lawson is running for Brentsville Supervisor, and she is holding a fundraiser.  The details are below, but the flyer is nice (Lawson-June30-Evite (1)). You can hand a copy to a friend. You are cordially invited for Drinks and Dessert … Continue reading

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