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PRINCE WILLIAM NEWS ALERT: Board to Vote on Tax Reduction

We are in a recession.  Tax revenues are declining.  What caused the recession?  The most likely answer is both too much government spending and too much government interference in the economy.   Nonetheless, only our local government has any intention … Continue reading

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With Internet speed, news travels.  So it is that an Independent Survey – Math Investigations Success Stories is making its way around.  Soon everyone who wants to know will know that Math Investigations lacks solid evidence for success. For example … Continue reading

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Comments on Math Proposals Currently Before the Board

At the next School Board meeting (See the March 4th agenda here.), the board will decide whether or not to institute an Opt In Option for Traditional Math (See item 29 on the agenda.).  In addition, the board will consider … Continue reading

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UPDATE:  Independent Survey – Math Investigations Success Stories is the update that was promised.  See the original post (below) for an explanation. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  — Thomas A. Edison Most of us want to … Continue reading

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Tonight I listened to a mere man make endless promises.  I listened to President Barack Obama, a mortal filled with supreme confidence, make his first State of the Union Address (here). Supposedly, we face a huge and frightening economic crisis.  … Continue reading

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PWC School Board Report – Highlights from the Meeting on February 18, 2009

Since I have another activity scheduled on Wednesday evenings, I do not watch the School Board meetings.  Instead, I generally watch the School Board meetings using video on demand (see here).  Unfortunately, the February 18th meeting video had a lot … Continue reading

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