vablogs2.pngThanks to the dedicated efforts of some public spirited people, the Northern Virginia Transportation (AKA Taxation) Authority NVTA no longer has the authority to tax us.

What are the blogs saying?

TwoConservatives observes how unfairly Governor Kaine selected his appointees.

In fact, in a slap to Prince William County, Governor Kaine appointed to one of the slots Sharon Pandak, who has been soundly rejected TWICE to represent the people of our county. (from here)

Below the Beltway reviews key parts of the court opinion (here).

Hoodathunk quotes a congressman and observes his educational deficiencies.

Democrat Jim Moran is pretty ticked off, from the sound of it. If the quotes in the story are accurate, Congressman Moran needs a refresher course on our system of government. (from here)

Bloggers 4 Bob Marshall provide their thanks (here).

The right-wing liberal offers its praises for those who fought for us.

The highest praise is for those who never gave up fighting this thing – such as Bob Marshall, who was among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that led to his victory. Also deserving praise is the old Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for joining the suit (it should be noted that the Board did so unanimously, with everyone from Eugene Delgaudio to Lori Waters to Scott York stepping up to the plate here). If memory serves, Paul Jost (or the Club for Growth) and Dick Black were also plaintiffs in some form. (from here)

The SkepticalObservor wants his refund (here). ;-)

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  1. Joe Marshall says:

    All I can say is “Go Dad!”

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