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Virginia State Senator Ken Cuccinelli: Me and the AFL-CIO

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Here is an excerpt from Senator Ken Cuccinelli’s June 30th edition of The Cuccinelli Compass.

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New Laws Take Effect 1 July 2007

Since it contains such a nice summary of the what the General Assembly did to us in the last session, I decided to post Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling‘s last email.

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NVTA Manassas, Manasssas Park, Prince William Town Meeting

It’s is a crisis! We must do something! Anything is better than nothing! Such was the message members of our business community gave our local representatives on the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA).

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Time for Citizen Input

The Virginia General Assembly thinks we have too much dough in OUR pockets. Whether we like it or not, they want to tax us — for our own good, of course. If the dough is still in our pockets, how … Continue reading

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Prince William County Republican Committee – June 25, 2007 Meeting Highlights

Because of the topics that were discussed, this was a very interesting meeting. The candidates had something to say, the chairman had something to say, and, most important, the members had their say.

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PWC GOP Gala Canceled

The PWC GOP canceled the fund-raising gala scheduled for 29 Jun 2007.  TwoConservatives has the sad story.

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