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More on Sour Grapes

Two Conservatives has an informative post on Lucy Beauchamp’s announcement that she plans to run for the Clerk of the Circuit as an independent.  In particular, Charles talks about the things the Washington Post article did not say about Beauchamp’s … Continue reading

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Sour Grapes

Aesop’s Fables includes a story about a fox and and a bunch of grapes (here) that were tantalizing just out of reach. Try as he might, the fox could not reach the grapes. So to console himself, he decided the … Continue reading

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Senator Durbin Reveals the Truth At Last — Not!

In his latest verbal fiasco, Senate Richard J. Durbin reveals that he knew all along that the Bush administration misused intelligence on Iraq to lead us into war (here). “The information we had in the intelligence committee was not the … Continue reading

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The Battle for Iraq: Apathy, Pacifism, Power Politics, and the Decline of America

Democrats argue Iraqis do not have a cultural heritage conducive to democratic government and that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein could have been contained. On the other hand, Republicans believe Saddam Hussein’s connections with terrorists made Hussein too dangerous … Continue reading

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Lawyers and Words: How to Redefine Chocolate

If you google chocolate and FDA, you will find yet another cherished American tradition under assault (see here and here for examples).  If big chocolate and the FDA has its way, chocolate will no longer be chocolate.  Fortunately, there is still time (here) … Continue reading

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Only 12 Days Remaining

Here is a note from Delegate Michele McQuigg.

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