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Nokesville Meeting on Dominion Virginia Power’s 500kV Power-Line

On Wednesday night, the Nokesville Civic Association hosted a meeting on the Meadow Brook to Loudoun 500 kV Line. The speakers included: Wally Covington – Brentsville District Supervisor John Stirrup – Gainesville District Supervisor Jeff Brown – Energy Economist Bri … Continue reading

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A Succinct Statement of the Problem: Pork Wins, Troops Lose

Another discovery from (here).

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Prince William County Republican Committee – March 26, 2007 Meeting Highlights: UPDATE with Vote Totals

Update at the bottom. This meeting focused on the endorsement of candidates for the School Board, a relief.  Nonetheless, the meeting carried on until beyond 10 PM.  Once political wonks get started, they are hard to stop.

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Official Web Announcement of the Faisal Gill Kickoff

Apparently, Faisal Gill decided not to let bloggers have all the fun.  So he has posted his own kickoff announcement (here).  Should be interesting.   The speakers will include some well respected Republicans.  In addition, a few goofy people may show up and provide a … Continue reading

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The New Metric

Occasionally I check into  Usually there is something funny or interesting to be found.  The time I found something funny.  “The war must be going well.”

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PWC School Board Report – Highlights from the Meeting on March 21, 2007; UPDATE

UPDATE at the bottom. At this meeting, the School Board approved the proposed school budget.

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