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Prince William County Republican Committee – November 27, 2006 Meeting Highlights

This meeting served two primary purposes. It gave committee members the opportunity to hear about the Legislative Priorities of PWC’s Delegation to the General Assembly, and it gave the committee the opportunity to authorize a convention to select a candidate … Continue reading

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An Absence of Honest Commitment

More of Steve Kelly’s work can be found at Humor often leaves me wondering whether I am suppose to laugh or cry. What is the function of humor? Why do we laugh about the most serious things? Is there … Continue reading

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Hope is not a strategy?

Chuck Asay works for the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph. His work can be found online at Just out of curiousity, I went to This website provided a variety of definitions. There were of course the more standard definitions; … Continue reading

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An Election Campaign as Information Warfare

More of Bob Gorrell’s work can be found at When people go to the polls, they make decisions. People make decisions based upon the information they have at hand. Thus candidates have to get their information – their version … Continue reading

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The 2007 Elections in Prince William County

We just finished the elections in 2006, and the races for 2007 have already begun. Already I and others ( have received two candidate announcements. LUCY S. BEAUCHAMP, the current Chair of the Prince William County School Board is preparing … Continue reading

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Biden’s Plan

Anyone who follows politics knows Senator Joe Biden is running for president. So, quite naturally, Biden is tempted to give the impression that anything President Bush can do, a President Biden could do better. Biden has obviously succumbed to that … Continue reading

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