King Solomon Upside Down

Citizen Tom:

Here we have a post about the rich. Every healthy society needs “rich” people. However, not every society does a good job of choosing who should be rich, and this post explains why it is important to have the right sort of “rich” people in charge.

Does that sound like a strange thing to say? Having the right sort of “rich” people in charge? That’s because of us don’t realize how we actually vote or how important our vote actually is. Of course, when we go to the polls, we vote, but we also vote in many other ways.

When we donate our money to a church, a charity or to political a campaign, we vote for the type of nongovernmental institutions we want to see and the type of people we want to see running those institutions. When we spend our money on the goods and services we want, we vote, and if we are careful and ethical ourselves, we spend our money on ethical businesses and people who run ethical businesses. When we choose our entertainment, we vote, and if we choose to fill our minds with good and healthy entertainment, we favor the spread of good and healthy entertainment by helping the people who provide it to prosper.

Thus, with our choices, we choose the character of the rich people who run our society.

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Three thousand years ago, King Solomon wrote to describe what occurs when fools rule over the wise. What becomes evident when this occurs? Read on if you are interested.

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fatter_disasterIt is awkward fact of life. Whenever we engage in a complex activity, we will make mistakes. When we go to our doctor or dentist, our doctor or dentist will make mistakes. When we buy a home or a car, we will find flaws in that home or car. When we drive, we accept the risk of an accident, one that even we as the driver might make. We may not like the idea, but due to a lapse of attention or circumstances we did not properly anticipate, we could accidentally kill someone. Therefore, when we err, we should try to do so on the side of caution.

The story is in the headlines daily. The key word is “Ebola.” The argument is over whether enough is being done. Some demand that we quarantine those nations where the disease is epidemic. Others have their own ideas.

Here are a couple of stories typical of the day.

  • How the microscopic Ebola virus kills thousands ( – This story attempts to calm us more panicky souls.  So it begins.

    The fear of Ebola has spread faster in America than the virus itself. Ebola has infected the American psyche, forcing us to do risk analysis of a pathogen we know little about. This is different from the flu scares of recent years, because this virus is novel here, and we have no cultural memory of what we are supposed to do, or think, or believe, when Ebola is on the loose.

  • CHARLES: Ebola: do the math, Mr. President ( – This editorial, on the other hand, urges action. So it begins.

    Big facts and basic math, tell the whole story. We have only begun to see the potential effects of Ebola nationwide. We still have a chance to get this right, but the President needs to get active.

I have spent this last weekend with family, one of my children, her husband, and my grandchildren. I do not wish to experience the horror of seeing them sick with a deadly disease, and I consider myself blessed to live in a nation with the knowledge and the wealth to keep the dangerous diseases that so afflicted our ancestors at bay. Do we have the same ability to control the spread of the Ebola virus? I don’t know, and the experts seem uncertain. Therefore, I am one of those souls feeling the panic and baffled.

Baffled. Why? Here we have an instance where our leaders have clearly not erred on the side of caution. More and more often our leaders have made decisions designed to further their own personal interests instead of the good of our people, but their reaction to the potential spread of the Ebola virus has been especially revealing. What makes them think they will be immune? What makes them think members of their families will not get the disease? Is it pride that keeps them from admitting their humanity and erring on the side of caution? I wish I knew, but I find it difficult to have confidence in leaders who do not exercise sufficient caution with the lives of others.

Meanwhile, our nation continues to slowly unravel.


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sick with feverThese days I am not very excited about politics. I still see the issues as extremely important, but I don’t have any genuine Conservatives running locally that I can support.

I still support the Republican Party, but the Republican Party is not doing anything meaningful. They are just waiting for disgust with President Barack Obama and anyone they can associate with him to win the election for them. It is hard to generate enthusiasm for a political party that is so fearful of standing for and fighting for anything.

To illustrate, let’s consider the following. Here is an email I got from Delegate Bob Marshall on Wednesday.

Marshall, Black and Berg Request Travel Ban from
Ebola Prevalent Areas

Dear Friends,

Yesterday Senator Dick Black, Delegate Mark Berg, MD and I sent a letter to Governor Terry McAuliffe urging him to seek travel bans similar to those that have been implemented in thirteen African nations which have banned travel from Ebola prevalent areas to their countries.

We urged Governor McAuliffe to use the police powers of Virginia to protect our citizens and residents from exposure to Ebola even if it means a timely court challenge against passenger airlines or the federal government if they continue to permit entry into Virginia of passengers flying from Ebola affected areas.  We also asked him to take similar measures to protect our seaports.   We reminded him that similar Government travel restrictions were used to limit Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Please check out the letter and contact Governor Terry McAuliffe to urge him to:

Use your gubernatorial powers to protect me and the other residents of Virginia from exposure to Ebola.  Please take the necessary steps to ban travel from the affected nations to Virginia, both through our airports and through our seaports.

Thank you for your help!


Delegate Bob Marshall

Three members of our General Assembly wrote and signed a letter.  Just three.

Will our Democrat governor do anything? Probably not.  McAuliffe fights for taxes, special privileges for victim groups, and big spending, but he does not seem much interested in protecting our God-given rights.

What is astonishing is why our leaders have not imposed travel restrictions to protect themselves and their own families? Do they think themselves somehow immune from the plagues that afflict the rest of humanity. It seems that is the case, but we should know better.

I wonder if we live too much in an unreal world. Do we regard real life as something akin to reality TV? I doubt we are so foolish. Nevertheless, we have a tendency to regard death as too distant to touch us.

I remember reading a story about Union soldiers, their first brush with combat during the Civil War. When they came fire, ambushed, they just stood there too startled to move. What was running through their minds? Was it disbelief that someone could actually shoot at them? Only after they got over the shock of seeing the bodies falling around them did the remainder seek cover.

The Union soldiers were young; they had never experienced combat or been under fire. They had not been trained to react appropriately, and they had no time to react. What is our excuse? Contained in a backward region of distant Africa, the Ebola epidemic has been going on for months, growing.

Do we have an irrational sense of invulnerability? What will happen if Ebola starts to spread here? When we realize we too can suffer the same plagues that afflict the rest of humanity, will we panic or will we turn to God? Will we repent for our foolish hubris? How many of us have to die before that happens?

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campaign.pngOn the first Tuesday in November, 2014, we will make some significant decisions. We will choose between candidates for the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. These people will help establish our Laws and spend trillions of our dollars.

What is the difference between these candidates?  Determining that requires a bit of effort. In events such as “Virginia U.S. Senate Debate: The People’s Debate,” we hear what the candidates have to say about themselves and each other. Thus, when Ed Gillespie and Mark Warner participated in the People’s Debate on October 13, 2014 in Richmond, Virginia, they gave us a clue as to what they will do if they win the election (Watch the entire People’s Debate between Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie (

It is also worthwhile to scan some of the new reports about events such as the debate. When we listen to the debate and we study the reports, we can begin to appreciate the extent of the bias in the news media.

Finally, we must investigate the candidate’s records. Fortunately, there are folks willing to do the research.  We just have to support their efforts and study their reports.  Here is a list of what has been put together by various Christian organizations, 2014 CHRISTIAN VOTER GUIDES (

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POSTS WORTH READING — October 13, 2014


Election Day, November 4, 2014, is approaching.


  • Watch Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie meet for first Virginia Senate debate. Judge the candidates for yourself. Just be careful. When Warner calls Republicans extremists, we must make certain we don’t let our eyeballs roll so far back we can’t bring them forward again. Note that both men pretend to be something they are not (That’s something we all do to some extent.). So we can’t trust their words without verification. To know which is more guilty of actively and deliberately trying to deceive us us, we have to check their records.
  • A winning GOP agenda for the coming Congress by Senator Orrin G. Hatch ( — Senator Hatch would like us to believe he is a Conserative, but that debatable. Hatch is just more Conservative than his counterparts in the Democratic Party. Consider how he ends his proposed agenda.

    Government’s role is not to provide universal social and economic support, but rather to create opportunities and remove obstacles. A vigorous, dynamic conservatism will help return government to its proper role — that of supporter, not overlord. By presenting a hopeful, reform-oriented agenda of the sort I have outlined, Republicans can win the hearts and minds of a broad majority of Americans looking for change.

    When government gets into the business of trying “to create opportunities and remove obstacles,” government gets into the business of trying to give us “rights.” Government exists only to protect our God-given rights. Because government has nothing to give us, when government gives us anything, government has to take from some people to give to other people. When we give government the power redistribute “rights,” we give our leaders the power to be our overlords.


  • ( — Rob Barkman produces so many posts I can’t keep up with them. So I generally pick a topic that interests me and work my way through what he has written. Lately, I have been listening to his video blog and his series on Revelation. That’s the last book in the Bible, and it’s a book that most Christians think quite mysterious, but there is a special blessing for those who read it. And since I need all the blessings I can get…..
  • Shaming women in the name of Christ ( — I suppose most Christians think of Christianity as a man’s religion. Oddly enough, however, the facts suggest otherwise. Consider our personal experience. Don’t we all know of many more wives frustrated that they cannot get their husbands into church than we do of husbands trying to drag their wives to church? If Christianity is a man’s religion, why would women want their husbands in church? They are stupid? No. Women need their men to love them, and Jesus taught us how to love. Anyway, please read Shaming women in the name of Christ. Then read the next post, Hatin’ on sin…. As the comments attached to the first post suggest, the two posts are related.
  • THE most dangerous man in the world ( — This post poses a question and two answers. Which is the correct answer? That is something to think about, but THE most dangerous man in the world made me think of old trick question some environmentalists love to spring on children. They put this question on the cover of a book: “What is the most dangerous animal in the world?” When children open the book, they see their own face in a mirror. Why do environmentalists do that? Consider What is the most dangerous animal in the world? Then reconsider THE most dangerous man in the world. THE most dangerous man in the world provides the same answer as What is the most dangerous animal in the world?, but THE most dangerous man in the world is not a guilt trip. We are also not animals, not even when we choose to behave like animals.
  • My Ballot is in the Box ( — Here is a little discussion on someone who has already voted absentee. Please note the ballot initiative. Be aware of what is on the ballot BEFORE you go to the polls.
  • 2014 CHRISTIAN VOTER GUIDES ( — Check out the voter guides.  You want to find about Senator Mark Warner’s and Ed Gillespie’s positions and records? Here is a good place to start.
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